Eddie Guerrero: 15th Death Anniversary of Latino Heat

15 Years ago Eddie Guerrero- The Latino heat passed away in the ring during a match. Let us remember his life in sequence.

Eduardo Gori Guerrero was born on October 9, 1967, in Juarez, Mexico. He grew up in a wrestling family that included the legendary Gory Guerrero (father), Chavo Sr., Mando, and Hector (elder brothers), Enrique Llanes (uncle), Javier Llanes (cousin), and “Vengador” Hector Mejla and Chavo Guerrero Jr. (the nephews). He has been training to be a professional wrestler since he was a child. He debuted in EMLL (Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre), an independent Mexican wrestling federation, in 1987.

Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero: 15th Death Anniversary of Latino Heat 1

He receives his first laurel from the WWA (World Wrestling Association): the World Trios Title, which he shares with the brothers Chavo Sr. and Mando. On July 28, 1989, the three were defeated by the American Mercenaries in Tijuana, Mexico (Bill Anderson, Louie Spicolli & Tim Patterson).

In 1992, he wins the WWA World Welterweight Title, which he loses exactly 31 days later (on August 29, 1992) to the Suicide Pilot. Eddie later joined another Mexican federation, AAA (Asistencia Asesoria y Administration). At AAA, he begins fighting with a mask (dubbed Mascara Magica), as is customary in Mexico. Due to the gimmick’s limited success, it will be discontinued soon.

Guerrero’s outstanding performances will quickly garner him attention outside of his native country. The NJPW contacted him in April 1992 to participate in the Top of the Super Junior ’92 in Japan. Guerrero will travel back and forth between Mexico and Japan on a regular basis in 1993, always with excellent results. In Mexico, he fights in a tag team with El Hijo del Santo, known as “La Pareja Atomica,” the same tag team in which their fathers fought in the 1960s.

The two are very popular in their country, but Guerrero will soon turn heel by betraying his partner, and will form a tag team with Art Barr, aka Love Machine (and will refer to the couple as “La Pareja del Terror,” one of the best tag teams of the 1990s). El Hijo del Santo selects Octagon as a new partner and the two begin a feud for the AAA World Tag Team Title. On November 5, 1993, the face couple will win the titles.

Eddie returns to Japan in April 1994 to compete in the Super J. Cup. For the occasion, he resumes fighting with his face hidden (as Black Tiger II), and after defeating Taka Michinoku, he is defeated by Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit, the future Super J Cup winner). A month later, he’ll compete in the NJPW Best of the Super Junior 94.

Instead, he will form the “Los Gringos Locos” stable in Mexico with Louie Spicolli, Konnan, and Art Barr. Guerrero and Barr defeated El Hijo del Santo & Octagon on July 23, 1994, to become the new copy champions. In Japan, Black Tiger II and Great Sasuke won the New Japan Junior Heavyweight Super Grade Tag League Title on October 18.

Art Barr, 28, was found dead of alcohol and drug abuse on November 23, 1994. Eddie is moved by his friend’s death and decides to honor him by using the Frogsplash as a finisher (the former finisher of Art Barr). The AAA World Tag Team Title has been declared vacant as a result of this tragic event.

Guerrero will continue to travel between Mexico and Japan until he is recognized in the United States. He joined the ECW at the end of 1994. After a few months, on April 8, 1995, he will win the ECW Television Title when he defeats 2 Cold Scorpio during the ECW Three Way Dance 95. On July 21, he will be stripped of his belt.

Dean Malenko, but he will reclaim her exactly 7 days later. On August 25th, 2 Cold Scorpio will reclaim the title.

Eddie Guerrero is hired by the WCW at the end of 1995, and his first match is a dark match against Alex Wright, which ends in a no-contest. He will defeat Disco Inferno in the dark match preceding Halloween Havoc ’95. He will compete in the 60 Man Three Ring Battle Royal at WCW World War Three in November, and will be eliminated 52nd by Arn Anderson. Shinjiro Ohtani defeats StarrCade in WCW.

Guerrero will be defeated by Brian Pillman again at Clash of the Champions XXXII, but will win the WCW US Heavyweight Title in March, only to lose to Konnan shortly afterwards at WCW Uncensored.

Guerrero returns to NJPW as Black Tiger, defeating El Samurai & Gran Hamada, Shinjiro Ohtani, Koji Kanemoto, and Dean Malenko. In May, he will win the NJPW Best of the Super Junior ’96 tournament by defeating Wild Pegasus in the semifinals and Jushin “Thunder” Liger in the final. In June, he will win the NJPW Junior Heavyweight Title, but he will soon lose it to The Great Sasuke, the Japanese federation’s undisputed champion.

Back in WCW, he was defeated by Chris Benoit in a previous dark match at WCW Bash at the Beach ’96, but then defeated Steve Regal in a previous dark match at WCW Bash at the Beach ’96. Ric Flair will defeat him at WCW Hog Wild.

This is the start of a long-lasting feud with Diamond Dallas Page. Guerrero wins the first match at Clash of the Champions XXXIII, and he defeats Eddie’s nephew, Chavo Jr., at Fall Brawl Page. Page will win the rematch between Eddie and DDP at Halloween Havoc. Steven Regal will defeat Guerrero in the 60-man three-ring battle royal. At Starrcade, the Mexican will win the decisive match between Page and Eddie, as well as the US title (vacant at that time).

Guerrero will begin 1997 with a victory over Scott Norton, followed by a match against Syxx (X-Pac), who was also defeated by Guerrero at nWo Souled Out. Eddie also wins against Chris Jericho at SuperBrawl VII, but he loses his title to Malenko at Uncensored 97. Jericho and Guerrero will square off twice more.

The first match will be won in Jericho, while the second will be won by Guerrero (thus snatching the cruiserweight belt from the Canadian). Eddie will be defeated by Rey Mysterio Jr. at Halloween Havoc in a great title vs mask match.

Nitro Eddie will reclaim the title on WCW Monday, November 10th. Guerrero will still defeat Rey in World War Three, but Mysterio will eliminate him in the evening’s 60-man Three Ring Battle Royal. Eddie defeats Malenko at Starrcade, but is defeated the next day by Ultimo Dragon, who becomes lightweight champion. In Uncensored, Eddie suffers another defeat against Booker T, while at WCW Slamboree, Eddie triumphs over Ultimo Dragon.

Shortly after a feud with his nephew Chavo Jr., on May 22, he defeats Black Angel and Super Ninja, winning the PWF couple titles, which are then declared vacant when the Guerreros are unable to defend them because they are already under contract with the WCW.

Eddie will be defeated by a Great American Bash Chavo Jr. A Hair vs. Hair Match at the Beach Eddie will force his nephew Chavo to cut his hair if he wins the match.

Eddie now accuses WCW of racism for pitting Mexican wrestlers against each other. It will form a stable for him, the Latino World Order, which will see a large number of wrestlers join on his side in a matter of weeks. Eddie is joined by Juventud Guerrera, Rey Mysterio Jr., Silver King, El Dandy, Psicosis, La Parka, Damien, Villano IV, Villano V, and Hector Garza.

Billy Kidman will defeat him in the 60-man Battle Royal. After that, Kidman will defeat Eddie in Starrcade.

Eddie’s 1998 comes to an end. Eddie is involved in a serious car accident on December 31. He will sustain multiple fractures as a result of a thirty-meter fall from his vehicle, but he will survive.

Only six months later, on June 21, 1999, he returns to the WCW ring and defeats Juventud Guerrera. Guerrero will join Rey Mysterio, Kidman, Konnan, and Torrie Wilson in Filthy Animals. On August 14, he will defeat Vampire and the Insane Clown Posse, along with Mysterio and Kidman, in Road Wild. The Filthy Animals will still win a rematch of Fall Brawl.

Havoc Eddie defeats Perry Saturn on Halloween, October 24th. At WCW Mayhem, he competes in an Elimination Match against Malenko, Saturn, and Asya, with Kidman and Torrie on his side. Saturn is the eventual winner.

Eddie Guerrero left WCW in early 2000 after a disagreement with booker Kevin Sullivan, followed by Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn. The four enter the WWF and immediately form the Radicalz stable, which will make its debut on Raw on January 31, 2000, asking to be hired by WWF Commissioner Mick Foley.

Eddie’s arm was injured, and the stable push is obstructed, forcing the booking team to reconsider all plans. Eddie, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko will return to WM2000 after being defeated by Scotty 2 Hotty, Grandmaster Sexay, and Chyna. The following day, Guerrero will become WWF European Champion by defeating Chris Jericho, who has been betrayed by Chyna.

“Latino Heat” was born, in love with “mamacita” Chyna, who courts in any way she can. Here, a couple is born (only in the ring of course, as Eddie is happily married). Eddie defeats Essa Rios at Backlash on April 30th to retain his European title. He will defeat Jericho again at Insurrextion, as well as Saturn and Malenko on Judgment Day, thanks to Chyna’s assistance.

At KOTR, he makes it to the quarter-finals before being knocked out by Val Venis. Perry Saturn loses the European title to A Fully Loaded. Chyna (with Eddie) will face Trish Stratus (with Venis) in an Intercontinental Championship / Mixed Tag Team Match at SummerSlam and will be crowned Intercontinental Champion. Eddie wins the Intercontinental Championship on September 4th after defeating Chyna and Kurt Angle in a three-way match.

Chyna won’t take it well, but she’ll forgive the Mexican, and Eddie will become envious and try (in vain) to stop her from posing for Playboy.

He appeared for his last match against JBL on 13th November 2005 and during the match, he collapsed in the ring. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors declared him dead.

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