What did you do on the wedding’s first night? Rachita Ram asked a journalist

Rachita Ram, a Kannada actress, is one of the most well-known. Rachita became enraged during a recent press conference in response to a journalist’s question. In fact, it’s called Dimple Clean. Rachita confronted the journalist, demanding to know what he did on the first night of the wedding.

Rachita was asked about the film’s intimate scenes by an early reporter. Rachita had never performed a scene like this before. Rachita was asked about her decision to give this intimate scene during the promotion of the film ‘Love You Rachchu.’ Rachita then stated that she followed the script. Rachita and Ajay Rao’s daring scene in ‘Love You Rachchu’ became a social media sensation. Rachita became enraged after asking the same question again.

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“A lot of people here are married,” Rachita exclaimed angrily. I have no desire to embarrass anyone. I have a general question for you. What do people do on their first night of marriage? “How did you spend your wedding night?” Rachita’s question astounded the conference’s journalists.

Rachita went on to say, “They do romance, don’t they?” “The film entertains as well as informs.” Rachita had already explained that if I had done a daring scene, there would be a reason for it. You’ll find out after watching this film.

Kannada Kranti Dal president Tejaswi Nagalingaswamy told the media on the occasion that Rachita’s statement was anti-Indian civilization and had harmed the state’s image. He stated that his organization would file a lawsuit against the film’s release. Rachita Ram’s statement, on the other hand, has received support from her fans.

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