Desire movie trade or DesireMovies for Bollywood, Hollywood, Gujrati, and South Indian Movies

Desiremovies Bollywood 2022: DesireMovies or Formerly known as the Desire movie trade is an online movie site for Bollywood, Hollywood, Gujrati, Telegu, Tamil movies. This site also contains Web series from famous OTT platforms.

Nowadays the internet is getting affected by many websites which are pirated. These illegal portals are the worst thing on the internet, which are increasing very rapidly every year. By the use of their websites, some people are leaking the contents. Even though the Government is imposing strict laws to get control on this type of website. Still, some websites such as Desire Movie Trade are difficult to control.

These piracy portals are affecting the youth and adults of India. These websites also contribute to affecting the revenue of the Film Industry. A vast number of adults are fascinated by these pirated websites. These websites are free online portals for downloading movies.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about and its illegal activities. However, this site is banned by the Government of India. After the site has been blocked, the site owner changes its domain extensions to counter this problem.

The Current website of DesireMovies is

Desire movie trade
desiremovies bollywood 2021

Things you should know About Desire Movies Trade or DesireMovies

Desire movie trade is among one of the most unpopular downloading portals for free movies. On this site, you will get all the pirated movies of the world or desire movies Bollywood 2021. Nowadays in India, the trend for the Desire movie trade is increasing rapidly. Thousands of people are using the Desire movie trade to install and watch their favourite Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional movies.

It has a huge collection of movies due to which it is becoming popular everywhere. It also has pirated content on world-famous OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. It is also popular in South India because it also has Tollywood movies. These movies will be available with dual audio in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi.

Desire movie trade is a pirated website and the Government of India is taking all necessary measures to tackle these pirated websites. In India pirated and illegal content is considered a big crime for the Government of India.

As it is a popular place for Downloading Movies or Web Series and all other related kinds of stuff. As we have also mentioned earlier, movies of all industries are available here such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and regional movies for their users or customers.

Users of the Desire movie trade are mainly interested in watching movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Bhojpuri, and many other movies or Web Series. This pirate website is also well known for its Punjabi movies/content.

All newly released movies can be found here which are leaked illegally and most of the users also watch them in order to amuse themselves with new movies or web series.

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Is Desire movie trade an online streaming platform?

Users can also enjoy their favourite shows by viewing them online instead of downloading them. The movies and all other kinds of stuff related to it all are free of cost. Any user can download or stream their movies without spending any money. There are also many categories from where the users can download their choice of movies from this pirated and insecure website, yet a popular site for downloading pirated movies.

On this website, users do not need to worry about any monthly subscription charges that they need to pay for downloading pirated movies.

They are not attached with any extra charges for downloading movies or for streaming movies online. Keeping aside all other discussions about this site, It offers its users to use the website as a streaming platform or for downloading any movies, web series, TV shows, TV serials, and many other things which are aired or dramas that are broadcasted on different TV channels or on Radios.

Users have made this site popular for downloading pirated movies or streaming them online on the Desire movie trade platform.

Why are these types of pirated and illegal websites in Public Demand?

Desire movie trade is a popular point for downloading movies of any language such as Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri or some local movies. The users here can also stream their favourite movies online on this platform. It is declared a big crime in India and the Government of India is taking all proper steps in order to crush these pirated websites. It is also not safe, secure for downloading anything and it is also not legally safe.

Film industries and film houses are suffering a huge loss because of these pirated websites. These types of websites still exist on our internet and search engines. These websites are well-known for the leaked movies or series which is a big crime.

The government of India is taking all proper steps to counter these types of websites, but these websites have many active links and many domains. So to some extent, it can also be said that the Government of India is failing in front of these pirated websites.

Users of the Desire movie trade can download their favourite movies any time in HD quality (High-Definition Video). When any new movie is launched by its producers or by Film Production units then that newly released movie will be instantly available on Desire movie trade within no time.

The website of the Desire movie trade is gaining popularity within no time. The users of the Desire movie trade can easily get newly released movies or web series as fast as possible. In India, this website has become a renowned place for downloading unauthorized and unlicensed movies and other kinds of stuff related to it.

Is the Desire movie trade website safe and secure for downloading and streaming purposes?

Desire movie trade isn’t secure and safe for streaming or for downloading. The user of the Desire movie trade can get into severe problems if he/she is surfing this type of illegal or pirated website. Desire movie trade does not have any type of content which are legalized and this may lead to severe problems for the respective user.

The user or customer of this website may get imprisonment for 3-years or he/she can also be heavily fined. Instead of these strict punishments, the users or customers of such pirated websites do not worry and continue surfing and frequently visit these pirated sites. Websites that are not legally approved by the government may contain harmful viruses or programs which may disrupt the functioning of your computer.

These viruses or programs may be dangerous for your device. These pirated websites do not have legalized URLs, so they are blocked. So, at your own risk only use these kinds of illegal and pirated websites.

Indian Government against Piracy Sites

The Indian Government follows very strict rules and regulations against any pirated and illegal movie websites used for downloading pirated movies. Under the Copyright Act of 1957, Piracy is a serious crime in India. To tackle these kinds of Piracy Indian Government has introduced the Cinematography Act in the year 2019 in order to tackle these kinds of piracy.

If any person is found recording movie clips without any permission then he/she has to face imprisonment for 3 years. Now Pirated sites such as the Desire movie trade are banned from Google in order to control the Piracy of movies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it legal to watch Desire movie trade?

Desire movie trade is banned by the Government of India from and it is illegal in India.

Is it safe to use Desire movie trade?

It is not safe to use Desire movie trade. You may be attacked by viruses or hackers. So users even use VPN for using illegal websites.

Where can I securely stream or download free movies?

You shouldn’t use this website. However, To stream movies, you can opt for legal alternatives such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, MX Player, and many more.

Will you go to jail because you downloaded movies from Desire movie trade?

There is a low chance of going to jail. However, you may be arrested if you are caught recording a movie clip without any permission, Then he/she is viewed as a criminal.


The desire movie trade or currently DesireMovies is a world popular illegal and pirated website. This website mainly works for the comfort and pleasure of Indian people and provides illegal movies. It has many proxy and domain settings. The Government of India has declared many types of punishments and penalties if someone is caught in the crime of pricy.

In spite of all punishments and penalties, The traffic on this website is increasing day by day. It has now also become India’s famous and the largest website for downloading movies online or for streaming movies.

We should stop using these kinds of pirated and illegal websites such as Desire movie It will also help our Government to get rid of these websites. So, we should start using legal alternative apps such as Amazon Prime, MX Player, and many more

Disclaimer does not support any kind of Piracy and this post is for only information.

If you are pirating any original document, then under the law it is considered a punishable offense, and you are declared criminal. World-Famous hubs also do not promote the use of pirated, illegal and copyright websites such as Desire movie trade. In this blog whatever things we have discussed the main objective for this was to make you aware of illegal and pirated websites. This blog does not promote any acts of piracy or immorality. You are requested not to use these kinds of websites. You should opt for legal ways to download a movie.

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