Cops Called After DABABY And singer Dani Leigh Fight in front of Baby

DABABY And singer Dani Leigh Fight: On Sunday evening, DaniLeigh and DaBaby got into a furious argument while both were live on Instagram. Dani can be seen sitting on a bed while feeding their 3-month-old baby girl in a video held by DaBaby, while the two exchange some harsh words.

Not long after the heated exchange, DaBaby summons the cops to remove his child’s mother from his home. The rapper eventually issued a lengthy statement explaining why he phoned the cops and claiming that he videotaped the incident for his “protection.”

DABABY And singer Dani Leigh Fight Video

“I would like to quickly disassociate myself from any of the “hostile” actions displayed seconds earlier,” he added. This thing has progressed far enough for Shawty to pass out on her own, which saddens me because I still have a queen to nurture. The last hour has been documented for my protection and the completion of business depending on my reputation. With several threats of establishing an internet scheme and someone refusing to let me go, and someone else here understood we needed to record her. I’ve been thrashed, yelled at, and pursued around like one of those Fatal Love Attraction chicks. But I knew I had to hold it together.”

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Dani responded with a statement of her own, saying, “Hey people. Since baby wants to make a statement with his cap a$$, I’ll make mine. So we’ve been living together for the past three months since our baby was born… doing us… and tonight he wants to come in the room talking about ‘I need to go, no matter where I go.’ I should mention that I have a newborn child. So he said I could stay in a hotel… This man is furious because I delivered a backup plan to his condo.”

“And I’m sorry to my kid that her father is kicking her out of her house at three months,” she adds.

Until Sunday evening, neither DaniLeigh nor Dababy had verified that they had a child together, despite widespread speculation.

DaniLeigh gave birth to her first kid in August after announcing her pregnancy on Instagram in early July. “As you grow, so will my love, discipline, and focus,” the star said alongside a series of prenatal images that revealed her baby bump to the world.

In another post on July 31st, the singer implied that Dababy was the father of her child. The then-pregnant singer flaunted her growing tummy in a series of images with the hashtag “DaBiggest.”

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