What, after all, is the ‘Bulli Bai’ controversy?

The statement of AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi has also come to the fore on Bulli Bai. He described it as a disgrace. It has been stated that this will continue until strict action is taken against the accused. Simultaneously, the Delhi Police has opened an investigation into the matter after receiving a complaint from a female journalist. In this case, a woman journalist told the cyber police station that she is being targeted by an unknown group on an app called ‘Bully Bai’ that is hosted on GitHub.

After Sully Deals, there’s now Bulli Bai… an app that’s causing quite a stir on social media. The hashtag Bulli Bai (#BulliBai) is being used to troll this app. This app has also enraged Muslim women. The app has sparked political debate, and the matter has been referred to the police. In such a situation, everyone’s mind is bound to wander to the question, “What is this Sully Deals and Bulli Bai?”

What is the source of Muslim women’s annoyance?

The Bulli bye app has enraged many Muslim women. The app’s creators illegally collect images of Muslim women from various social media accounts and troll them by writing objectionable content on them. Images are being misused. On the app, there are pictures of many women, and it says, with a picture of a woman, ‘Your bully by the day…. These images are also shared and auctioned.

What exactly is the Sully Deal?

Sully is a derogatory term for women. On July 4, 2021, a number of screenshots were shared on Twitter under the handle Sully Deals. The app’s tagline was ‘Sully Deal of the Day,’ and it was shared alongside photos of Muslim women. The unique feature was that it was created by an unknown group on GitHub.

How Bully Bai Deals rose to prominence

Bullying is also being dealt with using images of Muslim women, but this app came to light after a female journalist was targeted. His photos were also being illegally trolled on the app. Giving details, the woman journalist wrote on Twitter that Muslim women must begin the new year with a “feeling of fear and hatred.”

Following this, Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi stated that hundreds of photos of Muslim women had been uploaded to an app using the hosting platform GitHub. He brought the matter to the attention of the Mumbai Police and demanded that the perpetrators be apprehended as soon as possible. He stated, “I have repeatedly asked Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav ji to take strict action against those who target women through platforms such as ‘Sully Deals.’ It’s a shame it’s being ignored.”

Unauthorized use of github

GitHub is where the ‘Bully Bai’ app was created. It is a hosting platform where open-source code is stored, but there is now a lot of resentment toward GitHub and the apps that are built on it.

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