Anitta (Singer) From Brazil to World | Biography

Anitta (born March 30, 1993) is a Brazilian pop singer best known for songs such as Paradinha, Show das powerful, and Si o no. Anitta’s biography tells a story of perseverance, sacrifice, and dreams realized. You can’t stop reading it!

Original nameLarissa de Macedo Machado
Date of Birth30th March 1993
Height5 feet 9 inches
IdolBritney Spears
anitta Brazilian singer
Anitta (Singer) From Brazil to World | Biography 1

From Brazil to the world

Rio de Janeiro welcomed Larissa de Macedo Machado, better known as Anitta, into the world. This Brazilian knew she wanted to be an artist since she was a child, imitating singers such as Britney Spears, who is one of her greatest idols.

Her childhood was marked by her parent’s divorce, a difficult situation for her to deal with. In addition, the then-girl had to find a way to continue paying for her studies because her family’s business had gone bankrupt.

NOTE: Her stage name is derived from one of her favorite series, Presença de Anita, whose main character is a sensual woman.

Anitta began uploading videos of her performances to YouTube, which drew the attention of Brazilian producer DJ Batutinha, who gave her her first record deal.

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The difficult transition from Larissa to Anitta

Despite her popularity in her hometown, the then-young woman felt her career was stagnant. As a result, she contacted the Brazilian businesswoman Kamilla Fialho, who worked tirelessly to make her the next Latin American pop star.

Anitta had to go through a strict diet, plastic surgery, and a rigorous training regimen to become a true diva of the song. Sometime later, the artist released her debut single, Meiga e Abusada, which was well received by Brazilian radio stations.

Her breakthrough in her home country would come with Show das Poderosas, the second promotional single from her debut album. The Show das Poderosas video went viral in Brazil due to its incredible choreography and visual image, which made the entire Rio de Janeiro nation dance.

Because of her first two songs’ success, he finally decided to release her self-titled debut album. In this one, you can hear songs like Tá na Mira, No Para, Cachorro Eu Tenho em Casa, and Principe de Vento, which were among the most downloaded on digital platforms.

Shortly after, the singer released a new single called Zen, which was nominated for Best Brazilian Song at the Latin Grammys.

Anitta, the Brazilian pop queen

Anitta established herself as the queen of Brazilian pop in 2014 with the release of her second studio album, Ritmo Perfeito, which featured songs such as Na Batida, Blá Blá Blá, Msica de Amor, and Vai e Volta and was well received by the Brazilian public.

Bang was released a year later, with singles such as Bang, Essa Mina É Louca, Cravo e Canela, and Deixa Ele Sofrer reaching the top of the Brazilian music charts.

Among his most famous collaborations are Banana, Downtown, Jacuzzi, Si o no, and Machika, which became a musical phenomenon in Latin America.

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