Amar Pacheco: Miss Ecuador World 2021

Amar Pacheco Ibarra or often referred as Amar Pacheco a 23-year-old singer, and actress was chosen after a series of challenges and virtual interviews with expert juries as part of the National Beauty Contest (CNB) organization.

Because the physical contest had to be canceled due to the coronavirus, the winner was chosen from among three semifinalists via this method. This is not mar’s first appearance in a beauty pageant.

She was the Viceroy of Guayaquil in 2015. Now, five years later, she has decided to enter another competition because she is confident that, with her current preparation, she will demonstrate that carrying this distinction also means being an example of social work in favor of Ecuador.

The undertaking Her life has been surrounded by music since she was born. Her parents are singers Silvana Ibarra and Gustavo Pacheco, and she refers to herself as “the daughter of music.” ‘I sing you Ecuador,’ is her social project as Miss World Ecuador.

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She is in the process of recording a musical theme with her father, which she will later sell on all digital music platforms. She will create entrepreneurship workshops for unemployed people with the funds raised and under the auspices of private and public companies. The song is set to be released at the end of June.

Amar Pacheco
Image Credit: Amar Pacheco Instagram

Amar Pacheco

Mar is competing as Ecuador’s representative in the international Miss World pageant this year and has made it to the top 27. Renowned singer Luis Fonsi (Despacito fame) has sent her best wishes for the competition.

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She assures that she has already begun her preparations by participating in dance, public speaking, emotional intelligence, physical training, and coaching classes.

Personal facets

Mar believes that her quarantine has taught her to look on the bright side of everything. “I now realize that worrying and worrying will not result in any improvement.” “Keeping your head up is the only way to get ahead,” she says.

She considers ambition to be one of her best qualities, and she strives to achieve all of her goals for personal and professional development. She also admits that she wishes she wasn’t so perfectionist and strict with herself because it often leads to sadness and despair.

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