Summer Walkker gets boyfriend Larry’s name tattoo on face

Summer Walkker and her boyfriend Larry Pharoh are in deep love, and the same tattoos prove it.

After his recent appearance on the stage of the “Soul Train Awards”, Summer Walker is enjoying the success of his second studio album with the help of his fans, who continue to accumulate streamings. The singer recently expressed that she will interact more with her fans and that she is also using social media to showcase her new romance with LVRD Pharoh.

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Last month, Summer wrote a note about their relationship.” I’m so grateful to have this man. It just improves my quality of life,” she said. “I’ve never had someone who put me and my son first in the first place. For not having to lift a finger, for someone to be truly emotionally and spiritually intelligent and invested in me. It’s new and it’s good.”

Looks like they’re finally making things official, as Summer and Pharoh got the same tattoos – on their faces. The revelation has already caused controversy on social media as people express their opinions, but there is no going back for these lovebirds. Pharoh placed Summer’s name just above her eyebrow, while the singer placed her name, “Larry”, next to her eye, near her temple.

The fan comments were quite mixed on Instagram. Check it out in the below image.

summer walkker
Summer Walkker gets boyfriend Larry's name tattoo on face 1


One other user wrote “She can afford laser removal😂 live in the moment Summer”.

A user named itsslimtho wrote, “Summer I love you but this ain’t it sis… you haven’t even healed from the last relationship”.

Another wrote “Now girl I’m happy for you but damn a face tatt”.

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