Shakira is overjoyed to share her son Sasha’s latest accomplishment

Shakira should be proud of her two children.

Milan fell in love with her a few days ago because of her ability to play the piano as well as her surprising musical production abilities.

“This virtual concert is a small tribute from Milan to our unforgettable Bela, who left us her most valuable gift: respect and devotion to her own work.” “Teaching us how to make our children believe that what they do is the most important thing for us!” boasted Shakira on social media.

But now, she wanted to devote the entirety of her Instagram account to the house’s youngest child, Sasha, who is a martial arts champion in her own right.

The Colombian singer shared a video of her son proudly holding the diploma that accredits him as the winner of a tournament in this sporting discipline.

Similarly, there are cheers in the background from Shakira, as she acknowledged in her publication.

“By the way,” she joked in her message, “I’m the deranged woman screaming in the background.”

In fact, she dared to compare the experience to winning a Grammy, stating that she would rather see her son triumph than receive any musical honour.

“When your six-year-old accomplishes something that you enjoy more than winning a Grammy!” She was certain.

While she has won numerous awards throughout her career, few things excite her as much as being a mother and everything that entails.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira’s children have recently demonstrated their talent. Sasha and Milan are both developing an interest in their respective hobbies.

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