Sarojini Naidu Biopic: Dipika Chikhalia Replaced By Shanti Priya

The makers of Sarojini Naidu Biopic chose actress Dipika Chikhalia to play Sarojini Naidu in the year 2020, but she will no longer play this role. Shanti Priya will return to Hindi Cinema after 28 years with this film.

Sarojini Naidu Biopic
Sarojini Naidu Biopic: Dipika Chikhalia Replaced By Shanti Priya 1

Dipika Chikhalia played the role of Maa Sita in Ramayana and because of this she became very famous all over the country. On the other hand, if we talk about Shanti Priya, then Shanti Priya first worked with Akshay Kumar in the Hindi film, in film Saugandh.

Shanti Priya had worked in South Indian films before doing the Hindi film Devi. But after 1994, she stopped working in films and remained silent for many days. However, in the meantime, she continued to work in television, most of which were mythological serials.

Sarojini Naidu Biopic

For a long time, there was talk of making a biopic of freedom fighter and poetess Sarojini Naidu. The producers had also cast actress Dipika Chikhlia in the role of Sarojini Naidu in the year 2020, but she will no longer play the role. Shanti Priya, an actress, revealed this information on her Instagram account. Shanti Priya will now play Sarojini in this film.

Shanti Priya was last seen in the 1994 film ‘Ikke Pe Ikka.’ She will now return to the Hindi big screen after a 28-year absence. She wrote a lengthy Instagram post about how excited he is to play this character. “To be honest, I can’t say much because I don’t have words,” she said, “but it gives me immense pleasure that I get to play the character of such an ambitious and strong woman who helped build this country.” She was also instrumental in breaking down barriers and challenging cultural thinking.

She went on to say, “I will go to any length to play the character of a woman who has played an important role in our Indian history, whom the world proudly refers to as the Nightingale of India.” “I can’t wait to show you all what I can still do as an actor to play such an important role,” she continued.

Let us tell you that in the year 2020, Deepika Chikhaliya shared a movie poster on social media with the caption “Sarojini Naidu’s first look…poster.” At the same time, he is no longer a part of this film. Sonal Montero, a Kannada film actress, will play the role of young Sarojini in the film, while Shanti Priya will play her senior years.

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