Pamela Reif: German Fitness Model Bio, Age, Height and Boyfriend

Pamela Reif is a German fitness model. She is already followed by 8.2 million subscribers on Instagram. The sporty blonde shows up again and again in a bikini and underwear on her Instagram account. She has also been featured in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30.

However, she became known for her fitness selfies and nutritional tips. The model is also not lacking in intelligence, Pamela Reif graduated from high school with a fabulous grade point average of 1.0. She is also successful as a writer. Her first book Strong & Beautiful has already appeared on the market.

First name Pamela
Last name Reif
Country Germany
Place of birth Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg
Birthday 08/19/1996
Astrological sign Leo
Gender Female
Hair color blonde
Height165 CM or 5 feet 4 inches
pamela reif
Image Credit: Pamela Reif Instagram

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Biography of Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif was born on August 19, 1996, in Karlsruhe. At the age of 17, she graduated from high school and wanted to study business administration. But it turned out very differently. Pamela set up an Instagram account in 2012 at the age of 16. First, she posts pictures of food, landscapes, and vision statements.

pamela reif
Image Credit: Pamela Reif Instagram

As she starts posting fitness selfies, her number of followers increases daily. More and more users wanted to watch Pamela doing fitness exercises. She easily performs exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups. Weightlifting is also one of her easiest exercises. Pam even plays with the idea of ​​becoming a model, but at 165 cm she was not that tall enough.

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Pamela Reif Instagram theme: Nutrition and Helth

At first, Pamela Reif is busy with her own business anyway. Thanks to her balanced diet and her fitness exercises, the beautiful German has true dream dimensions, which have now become her capital. Pamela Reif has become a real advertising star through her Instagram account and now earns her living income from advertising contracts. Among other things, she advertises for well-known designer brands and detox teas.

pamela reif
Image Credit: Pamela Reif Instagram

If you work so hard on your body, you can also flaunt it and so she increasingly presents her beautiful curves in bikini and underwear. This does not go unnoticed by the fashion world and so it will soon be able to present its own lingerie collection. So Pam’s dream of a modeling career finally came true.


Pamela Reif has had her own YouTube channel Pamela Rf since 2013, where she regularly posts workouts to imitate or make-up tutorials. She writes about travel, fashion, and fitness on her own website, About Pam. All things that the pretty German is very familiar with. And because she is so good at it, she published her own book under the name Strong & Beautiful. It became the best-selling book in Germany.

pamela reif
Image Credit: Pamela Reif Instagram

With fitness and nutrition, Pamela Reif has become a role model for a whole generation. With her healthy lifestyle, she motivates many young people to take better care of themselves, to eat more healthily, and to be more fit. The abdominal muscle specialist also provides plenty of beauty and make-up tips. Behind her great body is a lot of hard work, a lot of discipline, ambition, resilience, and a positive attitude towards life.

PAMELA REIF’S boyfriend

Equal like to join and how could it be otherwise, the beautiful model pulls one of the top athletes ashore. Pamela Reif has made a good catch with the top athlete and Werder professional footballer Robert Bauer. The mutual understanding of fitness preferences seems certain. The two also make a beautiful pair in terms of looks.

But despite their common love for the sport, their relationship did not last long. They separate after just a few months. Robert Bauer announced the separation in 2017 via the online service via Instagram story. His statement on this: “Sometimes you only realize later that it doesn’t fit.” Since then, there has been no news about Pamela Reif’s relationship status. We are excited to see what else we will hear from the fitness model from Karlsruhe.

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