Natalia Fadeev Leaked Video On reddit, who is she?

Natalia Fadeev’s TikTok account is currently the subject of an online debate, with some criticizing and others praising a series of her videos from the last few years. After standing up for the Israeli army in response to Hamas’ attack this week, the former soldier with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has drawn some criticism.

The leaked video and images of Natalia Fadeev going round on Reddit, Twitter and Telegram.

The videos were uploaded to TikTok by Natalia Fadeev (@nataliafadeev) and show her addressing the violence between Israel and Hamas. In the videos, she can be seen wearing her full uniform and dancing in support of her country. Each video tells a different story and has received some criticism.

Natalia Fadeev
Natalia Fadeev Leaked Video On reddit, who is she? 1

Natalia Fadeev, who is she?

In her posts, the former soldier with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is frequently seen in uniform in support of her country and criticizing Palestinians. Fadeev’s TikTok account has undoubtedly caused some controversy, whether it is providing a perspective on the situation or mocking the opposing side.

Natalia Fadeev
Natalia Fadeev Leaked Video On reddit, who is she? 2

Fadeev, who has 108K Instagram followers (on a private account), describes herself as an IDF Military Police reservist and range officer.

She also participates in Airsoft, a competitive team shooting sport in which participants use plastic projectiles to take on the opposing team.

Fadeev is a member of a group called the Alpha Gun Angels, according to a 2019 article in Jewish Currents. The group “bill themselves as Israel’s premier gun-modelling and social media – marketing agency, are a team of nine active and veteran IDF combat soldiers turned Instagram celebrities,” according to the report.

Criticism on the internet

There are conflicting reactions in her comment section. Some users have expressed their support for Israel. “I love how many people in this country believe Israel is weak. You don’t mess with the people of God. South African love and support, “One user made a comment.

Some people did not agree with her. “If rocks don’t scare you, why respond with guns and grenades?” one person wrote.

The majority of Fadeev’s videos appear to ignore the fact that the IDF is responsible for the deaths of Palestinians in the West Bank this week. One of her TikTok posts claimed that Palestinians are in danger from Hamas and that the IDF is there to “defend us both and destroy Hamas.”

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