Katie Price Joined Onlyfans and her Fans are super Excited about It

Katie Price joined Onlyfans and her fans are super excited about her new venture. Katie has been in news for the past week due to some wrong reasons but this news has given her fans a shy of relief. Her fans are also excited about it as they can now view her exclusive content.

katie price in a black dress
Katie Price Joined Onlyfans and her Fans are super Excited about It 1

Katie Price is facing an investigation into her finances, but that hasn’t stopped her from launching a new business venture – an OnlyFans page where she charges £11 a month for exclusive content.

katie price onlyfans
Katie Price Joined Onlyfans and her Fans are super Excited about It 2

The actress made the announcement at a press conference on Wednesday, but she wore a nun’s habit and a sash that read, ‘My body, my rules.’

Katie, 43, mocked her bad girl image with the statement look after a string of headline-grabbing incidents, including an arrest on Friday on suspicion of violating a restraining order.

Katie promises that her OnlyFans page will include glamour shoots as well as ‘100% body positivity.’

‘I want to make a stand for all women,’ she said in a statement. ‘It’s not all slutty, or whatever anyone wants to call it,’ she said at the event.

‘I believe that people need to be educated on what it’s all about, and it’s not all that.’ So if you’re looking for that kind of thing, don’t subscribe to me because you won’t see any slutty stuff on there.

‘I am, in fact, pure. ‘I am actually innocent in a lot of ways,’ she continued. ‘I have complete control over my entire life.’ It’s something I was born to do, OnlyFans. You’re all aware that I’m bloody good at it. It’s what formed me.’

She went on to say that she will not be posting nude or pornographic content, explaining, ‘This will be an eye-opener for me.’ It’s unprocessed data. It’s not fabricated, and it’s not edited. My perception of OnlyFans was that it was all about nudity, porn, and other such things. That is not what I intend to do.

‘It’s all about empowering women.’ It’s more than just a photo shoot; it’s a glimpse into my life.’

When asked if she would be posing in full costume, she teased, ‘You’ll have to subscribe and see.’ I’m in my forties. I’ve matured into a woman. It’s not all sexiness. You won’t be seeing any of that slutty stuff.’

Katie also expressed her fiancé’s support for her new endeavour, saying, ‘Carl is my massive supporter, he’s excited as well because we’ll be travelling to different countries, it’s all an adventure, so his support and my family’s support is amazing.’

She went on to say that her children are equally supportive and have seen everything’ she intends to post.

Katie has a son, Harvey, 19, with ex-husband Dwight Yorke; Junior, 16, and Princess, 14, with ex-husband Peter Andre; and Jett, 8, and Bunny, 7, with ex-husband Kieran Hayler.

‘They’ve seen everything, all the content, and they can’t knock me down,’ she said. What would make me stop? I only came to a halt before because there was nothing left.

‘It’s like a footballer or a boxer; that’s all they know, and if it’s taken away, they don’t have that adrenaline or buzz.’ It was the same for me; it was simply taken away. But now I’m back, and I’m excited.’

According to a statement about the new venture, ‘I see my OnlyFans channel as a place where I can feel secure, confident, empowered, and beautiful.’ Yes, there will be some glamorous shots, because everyone knows how much I enjoy being in front of the camera!’

‘But, most importantly, this will be a place for me to share my world and my adventures in my own authentic voice with my closest supporters.’

Katie’s OnlyFans page, according to the statement, “will be a safe space for her to be creative on her own terms as well as connect with her most loyal and engaged followers.” A place where she can open up about what’s really going on in her life, as well as share exclusive images and content with her devoted followers.’

Her hearing was rescheduled in November, giving her more time to repay her creditors after she failed to enter into an individual voluntary arrangement to repay £12,000 of her debts.

Katie was declared bankrupt two years ago after failing to pay her creditors the £12,000 she owed each month.

They are thought to include HMRC and her mortgage company, as well as her first two husbands, Peter Andre and former cage fighter Alex Reid, who both sued her; the latter after she played a sexually explicit video clip of him in front of a TV audience in 2018.

Katie, on the other hand, has remained as arrogant as ever, declaring in a YouTube video last year that she would go bankrupt for a year and then start over. It has no effect on me. I’m still at work. Still making money. I just want it to hurry up so I can celebrate the end of the year. ‘I am a survivor.’

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