Jennifer Lopez dresses up in a Gatsby gown, a pantsuit, and a feather coat in her Upcoming Movie ‘Marry Me’ Poster

Jennifer Lopez dressed up as a bride for her upcoming movie ‘Marry Me’. Not once, not twice, but three times. The most versatile singer has outdone herself with her winter wedding attire, which is all white and ready to vow eternal love.

Seeing her with her link looks has made us fantasize about the possibility of her and Ben Affleck getting married soon. But don’t worry it’s just her upcoming movie ‘Marry me’, the trailer will be released on Friday.

They haven’t stopped showing off how much they love each other since we saw her return in the summer with a kiss photo on Instagram. Her displays of affection are constant during their vacations together, on the red carpet, and even at the airport farewell of the Latin diva. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, or ‘Bennifer,’ are serious people. But, as much as we’d like to believe, the Jennifer Lopez bridal looks we saw were not due to the couple’s secret wedding, but to the announcement of the premiere of the official trailer for her latest film, ‘Marry Me.’

This romantic comedy had to be postponed due to the pandemic, and Jennifer Lopez was overjoyed to announce yesterday that all of her followers would be able to see the first official images of her work today.

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‘Marry Me’ also has the added benefit of being Maluma’s feature film debut. Bastian, a singer -also in fiction- who will abandon Kat (Jennifer Lopez) at the altar after releasing a song about their wedding together, will be played by Papi Juancho. Fortunately, Kat meets Charlie (Owen Wilson), a divorced math teacher, at a concert, and he restores her faith in relationships.

The looks for a winter wedding, engagement, and celebration will be very important in the feature film. We adored Jennifer Lopez’s two proposals for brides who want to keep up with the latest fashions.

JLo’s wedding suit and slacks

Jennifer Lopez walks hand in hand with Owen Wilson in a satin suit of sartorial pants with a matching shirt for a civil wedding in the promotional poster. The winter look is completed with a down coat, which serves as an additional piece of clothing.

To achieve the desired effect, the coat must be worn at all times. Although it is an outer garment, it is styled by being belted to the waist. Jenni’s semi-collected reveal the diamond earrings that complete the look.

JLo’s wedding gown

The second bridal look presented to us by the protagonists of the film ‘Marry Me’ is diametrically opposed to the set of coat and pants, but it maintains the feather trend. This look would be perfect for a Gatsby-themed wedding.

Jennifer Lopez is dressed in a crisp white fitted dress with a turtleneck. The feather cuffs and snake bangles that wrap around the dress adorn the slightly flared sleeves.

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