Google’s latest doodle about Fanny Hansel explains who she is and what she is famous for.

On November 14th, the globe commemorates the 216th anniversary of Fanny Hansel’s birth. A new congratulations doodle debuted in Google on this day in 2021.

Fanny Mendelssohn Hansel was a prominent 19th-century German singer, pianist, and composer. Goethe adored her voice, Tchaikovsky was influenced by her music, and an asteroid was eventually named after her.

What is the story of Fanny Hansel, and why has Google created a new doodle in her honor?
Doodle by Google The globe commemorates the 216th birthday of great German pianist and composer Fanny Hansel on November 14th. She is thought to be one of the most important female composers of the nineteenth century.

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Fanny Hansel
Fanny Hansel Google Doodle
  • Fanny Hansel was born Zipporah Mendelssohn on November 14, 1805, in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Yes, Felix Mendelssohn, the great composer, is her brother.
  • Her grandpa is the philosopher-educator Moses Mendelssohn.
  • Fanny’s mother adored music and took instruction from a pupil of Johann Sebastian Bach himself.

She taught her daughter how to play the piano. And, at the age of 13, Hansel wowed the audience in Berlin with a concert performance in which she performed by heart 24 preludes from Bach’s masterpiece “The Well-Tempered Clavier” (1722 – 1742).

Despite her great talent, Fanny’s attempts to pursue a musical career were greeted with societal opposition–after all, it was not accepted at the time for a woman to do anything other than care for her house and children. Hansel, on the other hand, did not stop.

Around 1820, she began to work frequently at the Mendelssohn family’s Sunday concerts.
For a decade, Fanny was the proprietor and organizer of this semi-public event.
She also performed as a conductor and pianist there.
However, Fanny Hansel’s achievements were tragically eclipsed by her brother Felix’s tremendous career.
Well, the woman went to great efforts to build her trademark Mendelssohn style –in over 450 compositions that demonstrated her admiration for Bach and Beethoven as well as her original musical approach.

She released Opus 1 under her own name at the age of 41, her first original work and one of the first published works by a woman.

In 2010, musicologists discovered the Easter Sonata, a solo piano composition written by Fanny Hansel when he was 22 years old. It’s worth noting that she was incorrectly identified as her brother Felix. The work was performed for the first time in 2017, acknowledging the genuine authorship – nearly 190 years after its conception.

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