Dhanush Aishwarya Divorce: Dhanush broke his 18-year-old relationship with Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya

Dhanush Aishwarya Divorce: South’s superstar Dhanush has surprised everyone by making a big announcement today. Dhanush has announced his separation from wife Aishwarya and fans are shocked by this announcement. Both were considered a popular pair of South Industry. Let us tell you that Aishwarya is the daughter of superstar Rajinikanth. Announcing Dhanush, he wrote, ‘We were together for 18 years in which we lived together as friends, couples and parents. We have seen a lot in this journey. Today our paths are parting. Aishwarya and I are separating as a couple now. Please respect our decision and give us privacy.

Dhanush Aishwarya Divorce
Dhanush Aishwarya Divorce: Dhanush broke his 18-year-old relationship with Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya 1

Let us tell you that Dhanush and Aishwarya got married in the year 2004 and at that time Dhanush was 21 years old. Let us tell you that there was a lot of issue regarding the age difference between the two, but it did not affect the love of both of them. Aishwarya is 2 years older than Dhanush. But both never gave importance to the age gap.

Let us tell you that both happened for the first time during Dhanush’s film Kadhal Kondaen. The Honor of Cinema introduced Aishwarya to Dhanush and Aishwarya congratulated her for her stellar performance. After this, the next day the actor got a bouquet of flowers from Aishwarya. Dhanush liked this fetish of Aishwarya and then both became friends.

Whenever the two used to meet each other, they were captured in the cameras of the photographers. After the photos of both went viral, questions arose about their relationship, but Dhanush never talks about it. Dhanush used to say that Aishwarya is his sister’s friend. After this both of them decided to get married.

The families of Dhanush and Aishwarya were very happy about both and then the families of both decided to make their love official. Both took seven rounds again on 18 November 2004. The marriage of both was very grand in which many stars of South attended.

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