Tippi Hedren was terrorized by Alfred Hitchcock, according to Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson, the 22 years Actress and model claims Alfred Hitchcock “terrified” her grandma Tippi Hedren and “ruined her career.”

Hedren collaborated with Hitchcock on The Birds and Marnie in the early 1960s, and the Fifty Shades of Grey actress claimed in her 2016 memoir that he sexually attacked her many times.

Dakota Johnson revealed the news in one of her new interviews, where she was asked if her grandmother encouraged her to pursue a career in acting, to which she replied, “She was encouraging, and she was always honest and firm about the topic of self-defense, because what destroyed her career was her refusal to have a sexual relationship with Hitchcock.”

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“That’s exactly what she did. Hitchcock destroyed her career because she refused to sleep with him, and he terrorized her. He was never held responsible.”

“It’s simply unacceptable for those in positions of power to use that power over someone in a lesser position, regardless of industry,” Johnson concluded. “It’s difficult to discuss because she’s my grandmother.” You don’t want to think of anyone taking advantage of your grandmother.

“I think what she’s been so fantastic for me and my mother is just like, no, you don’t put up with that garbage from anyone.” She would express it much more eloquently. She’s still a gorgeous movie star.”

Johnson’s revelation comes after she recently made public allegations of abuse against a number of her coworkers, including Johnny Depp and Shia LaBeouf, who have both been accused of abuse by their ex-partners, as well as Armie Hammer, who is facing sexual assault allegations, all of whom have denied these false allegations.

“I haven’t experienced this myself from any of these folks, especially since I’ve had a terrific time working with them, so I feel terrible for the loss of great artists, and I feel sad for the people who need treatment and may not get it in time,” Dakota told The Hollywood Reporter. I’m also sorry for everyone who has been hurt.”

Johnson concluded her address by adding, “I think that individuals can change, and I want to believe in people’s potential to evolve, develop, get treatment, and help others.”

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