Brent Brown: Who Is He? A 39-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Madelyn Allen

A kidnapping case in Utah involving victim Madelyn Allen and abductor Brent Brown has been taken into police custody. The patient was trapped in an underground coal bunker. He chained her to a chair. All of these illegal acts occurred after using the “Kik” web-based chatting and calling app.

What exactly is the Kik App?
Kik is a messaging app that allows its users to remain anonymous while communicating with people outside of their friends and families. The app operates via the internet (wifi and cellular data) and requires registration via a mail account to ensure privacy.

Kik now has nearly a billion users worldwide and must function as video chats, nameless chats, nameless group chats, media exchange, and so on.

Kik’s account coverage limits the user’s age to 13 years old. However, Apple has classified the age group as 17 and up because its nameless nature may pose a risk to teenagers.

Kik’s privateness coverage allows parents of underage Kik customers to contact customer support to have their child’s account deactivated.

Who exactly is Madelyn Allen?
Madelyn Allen, 19, is a freshman at Snow College in Ephraim.

Allen met Brent Brown through the web-based app Kik. The app eventually led to the two getting to know one another. They devised a strategy to satisfy on the night of December 13th (Monday).

When Allen did not return to the dorm the following night, the situation became critical. The next day, her roommates reported her missing.

According to the police report, Allen left the dorm around 7:22 p.m. on December 13. Her father and mother also called the cops after receiving a text message from Allen’s phone number that said, ‘I love you,’ which was unusual for them.

After some research, Allen’s phone number was discovered to be 87 miles away from Snow College.

This prompted a week-long search for the officers, who eventually discovered Allen’s school ID in Brent Brown’s house in Utah, south of Ephraim.

Brent Brown is being held on suspicion of kidnapping and sexual assault.
Brent Brown (39) was arrested for alleged kidnapping and sexual assault against Madelyn Allen, a 19-year-old high school student. According to the information available, Brent Brown’s relationship with Allen became more of a forced sexual assault because it went against Ms. Allen’s wishes.

Brent told the cops that he met Ms. Allen in a group chat on Kik called associated sexual themes, and that everything he did was part of sexual position play, and that he tied her up so she couldn’t leave him.

According to Ms. Allen’s legal filing, she was held against her will, threatened that Brent would harm her family if she tried to flee, and had her phone confiscated so she couldn’t call for help.

After a thorough investigation, police located Brent Brown and requested that he allow them to search his home, but he refused, stating that he would not allow them in without the permission of the homeowners, Brent’s father and mother.

Nonetheless, the police received permission after a while, discovered Allen’s school ID and a suitcase, and arrested Brown on the spot. They discovered discarded garments and girls tied to a chair lined in coal, which happened to be Madelyn Allen.

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