Amazon app quiz Answer December 31, 2021

Today, you can win Rs 30,000 in your Amazon Pay balance! All you need to do is answer 5 questions and hope for the best. Amazon has reintroduced its daily dose of app quizzes. Amazon is awarding this prize to one lucky contestant, who will receive the funds in the form of an Amazon Pay balance.

To be eligible for this lucrative prize, a contestant must correctly answer all of the questions. The Amazon app quiz contains questions about general knowledge and current events.

This Amazon quiz is only available on the Amazon app. To take the quiz, you must first log in to the app. You can only enter the competition using your Amazon mobile app.

The quiz begins at 12 a.m. every day and runs until midnight (12 am next day). The quiz usually has one winner who is chosen by a lucky draw. The quiz’s winners will be announced later today, January 1.

Here are the questions from today’s Amazon app daily quiz, as well as the correct answers, which can help you win Rs 30,000 in Amazon Pay balance.

Amazon app quiz Answer

Which actor is set to wear the black cape as the latest Batman in an upcoming feature film on the superhero?

A- Robert Pattinson

Which team did Namibia defeat to register its first-ever win in a T20 World Cup match?

A- Netherlands

Which city now boasts the highest ‘infinity pool in the world’?

A- Dubai

During a game of this sport, which of these scores are you likely to see?

A- 15-0

This ancient statue is believed to depict which Greek goddess?

A- Aphrodite

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