Alejandra Maglietti Sizzles In Bikini in Punta del Este

Alejandra Maglietti Sizzles In a black bikini in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Alejandra Maglietti can be seen wearing a hot black bikini, black sunglasses and hat while shooting for the images she posted on her social media account.

Alejandra Maglietti
Alejandra Maglietti Sizzles In Bikini in Punta del Este 1

Alejandra Maglietti was born on October 27, 1985, in Argentina’s province of Formosa. Alejandra Ayelén Maglietti is her full name. Alfredo and Shirley are her parents’ names. Her mother is a notary public and a lawyer. Daniel and Giuliana are her two brothers. She went to the Santa Isabel Institute and the National College of Formosa to study.

Alejandra Maglietti
Alejandra Maglietti Sizzles In Bikini in Punta del Este 2

In 2012, she earned her law degree. She attended the UCA Buenos Aires.

She attended the Centro de Estudios Buenos Aires and graduated as a journalist in 2016.

Alejandra Maglietti
Alejandra Maglietti Sizzles In Bikini in Punta del Este 3

Personal Relationships: Alejandra Maglietti’s boyfriend

Alejandra was in a love relationship with Rodrigo, a Peruvian philosopher, in 2014.
Alejandra is in a relationship with soccer player Jonas Gutierrez. Their romance started in 2014. In 2016, they got engaged.
Because she resides in Argentina and he plays soccer in Spain, they have a long-distance romance.

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Jobs, pay, and fortune in the television industry

  • She began her television career by appearing on the America channel in the shows Acoso Textual, Infama, and Pablo and Pachu.
  • She took part in the reality show Patinando por un Sueo’s Showmatch program in 2008. She was the first person to be eliminated from the competition.
  • In 2009, she appeared on Channel 9 in the Call TV show Cinco Minutos Para Ganar. The same one was used in a program’s commercial cuts.
  • She hosted the C5N channel’s Show on Wheels in 2012.
  • She is presently (2017) a panelist on the Bendita TV show.

Outside of television, jobs and businesses include:

She appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine.
In 2009, she founded the musical ensemble Electro Star.
In 2009, she photographed calendars for the Ole newspaper.
She directed underwear campaigns for a variety of brands, including Vanessa Stratch, Prid Soul, Impetu, Lady Stork, B.A Brodery, Runik, and Akuro.

Alejandra Maglietti’s height and interesting facts are as follows:

  • She rose to prominence after appearing in a Doritos commercial.
  • Leandro Rud’s modeling agency represents her.
  • She is an ardent supporter of the River Plate football club. She was even the voice of the Monumental stadium in 2017.

Social media:

Alejandra has accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Instagram, with over 1.7 million followers in 2022, will be her most popular social network. She has around 302.9K followers on Twitter and 431K followers on Facebook.

She makes use of her accounts on a daily basis. She discusses her employment, such as the clothing manufacturers who dress her for her presentation, her work as a model, and the different products she supports. Her boyfriend, who frequently appears in numerous magazines, is another example of how she distributes personal information.

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