Poncho Herrera would have ‘betrayed’ his wife with Ana de la Reguera

Poncho Herrera, the Mexican actor and singer, announced his divorce from Diana Vázquez, the mother of his children Daniel and Nicolás, in a statement a few weeks ago. The decision was made by RBD, a member of the musical group.

Poncho Herrera is said to have been unfaithful to his wife with the actress Ana de la Reguera. According to a TVNotas publication, things with Diana Vázquez did not end well, as he stated in a statement shared on social media.

Poncho Herrera
Diana Vázquez and Poncho Herrera

According to an alleged friend of the former RBD, “between Poncho and Diana there was no longer love or passion.” Apparently, his marriage has deteriorated since the pandemic “due to his work schedule and to that, add that he fell round with Ana de la Reguera, she was the third in disagreement.”

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The actors have been friends since 2012, and they reconnected last September to work on the film “Qué viva México.” During the recording, “they had a chance to spend time together, they hooked up very quickly, and they started a secret romance.”

Poncho Herrera
Poncho Herrera would have 'betrayed' his wife with Ana de la Reguera 1

Diana Vázquez later learned that the father of her children had an affair. When they complained to him, he allegedly “accepted her infidelity and told her that he did not make him happy and that he wanted a divorce.”

Likewise, the “”friend” of the actor, said that Ana de la Reguera imposed conditions on Poncho Herrera in order for him to walk with him: “he even told him that he was not going to play the role of her lover and that if he wanted to be with her.

Diana joined me on the journey, and together we gave birth to our cherished children. She is an exceptional mother, a strong woman with a big heart “said the former RBD in a statement announcing his separation from her.

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