Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni Biography, Age, Height, Family & Details

Hot, daring, and stunning Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni is a successful model and TV star who has won the hearts of many with her acting in Bollywood and Telugu films. Aishwarya Raipur, who plays Manushi Chillar’s sister in the film Prithviraj, revealed something surprising in an interview. He claims that there is still a repulsive truth like the casting couch in Bollywood today.

Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni
Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni Biography, Age, Height, Family & Details 1

Aishwarya Bhakuni was born in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, known for its terracotta and steel. She has proven with her acting in the film Prithviraj that anyone can show great talent on the strength of their talent, regardless of the opportunity. During an interview, he stated that casting couches still exist in Bollywood today, and she has received numerous such repulsive offers.

Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni
Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni Biography, Age, Height, Family & Details 2

Many producers-directors have tried to take advantage of her by making poor offers. She, on the other hand, flatly refused any such offer. He believes that every artist from a small town is connected to his or her own culture and ideals. People like her can never reach an agreement in such a situation.

But such offers are always painful. People from many small towns return to their hometowns for these reasons. He believes that he has been blessed by God to have worked with such trustworthy people in the Bollywood industry.

Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni Biography

Real NameAishwarya Raj Bhakuni
Date of Birth4 September 1995
Age (as in 2022)26 Years
Birth PlaceBhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Home TownBhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
FamilyMother: Not Known
Father: Not Known

Sister: 1 Younger sister

Brother: Not Available
Husband: Unmarried
AddressMumbai, Maharashtra, India

When Aishwarya Bhakuni was approached for the film Prithviraj, she declined because she was not cast in the main lead role, but in this film she played the sister of the heroine, Manushi Chillar. In such a case, Aishwarya Bhakuni desired that whenever she appeared in a Bollywood film, she play the role of a male lead heroine.

Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni also desired to be launched as a film heroine because she believes that whoever plays the side of a heroine in Bollywood, such as the role of sister, sister-in-law, or Devrani, always has such side roles. Offers begin to pour in. This greatly frightens Aishwarya. His career should not be limited to supporting roles.

The film Prithviraj – When Aishwarya discussed her side role with Chandraprakash, the director of the film Prithviraj, Chandraprakash explained to her that it is not necessary for her to become the main lead heroine in a film.

Rather, a strong role of only one minute is enough to catch people’s attention. Assuming that one has such acting power that people are drawn to him after only one minute of his acting. After that, Aishwarya decided that she could carve out a special place in people’s hearts even as a secondary lead.

This was the reason Aishwarya Bhakuni was initially hesitant to take on the role, but after persuading the film’s director Chandraprakash, she performed admirably. He also stated that he learned a lot from his seniors while filming Prithviraj. She also wants to do a lot of Bollywood films in the future so she can stay in touch with the industry and her fans.

The truth behind the glamorous world – The issue of casting couch is frequently heard in Bollywood corridors. Or should you say the dark truth hidden behind the glamorous world, which is revealed to the common people through one or the other means?

Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni
Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni Biography, Age, Height, Family & Details 3

And this time, Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni brought this truth to the people’s attention. Today, there are many such heroines in Bollywood who have risen to prominence as a result of their hard work. But there was a time when they, too, had to face the revolting reality of this glamorous glamorous world.

Many Bollywood actresses come to Mumbai with the dream of becoming a Bollywood actress in their eyes, but instead of an offer to work on the condition of having a physical relationship with them, they get an offer to work on the condition of having a physical relationship with them.

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Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni, of Avanti Bihar, Raipur, has finished her B.Tech. She has enjoyed modelling and acting since her college days. His family wished for him to become an IAS officer.

Nobody in her family has worked in the film industry, so how will his daughter be able to work in this industry on her own? But Aishwarya has been obstinate from the start, and no one can break the promise she made to herself.

Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni knew she wanted to work in Bollywood from the start. She was adamant about working in Bollywood, and Aishwarya is now a Bollywood actress in addition to Tavi. Aishwarya has previously worked in Telugu films in addition to Bollywood.

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