Yuliett Torres The Mexican Kim Kardashian

Yuliett Torres is a young Mexican model from Jalisco. And she has become news because of her sculptural beauty, with which Torres has become an object of desire in her personal Instagram network, where she shows off a body worthy of admiration with her photographs.

Born in 1996, the 25 years Instagram influencer has gained popularity because of her steamy looks and plump figure. She is a fitness freak and often shares her fitness routine on Instagram and Youtube. She currently resides in Mexico but she travels to the USA for her work sometimes.

Yuliett Torres
Image Credit: Yuliett Torres Instagram

She has almost 53K subscribers on her youtube channel while she has more than 9.2 million followers on Instagram. In her leisure time, she loves to hear the music of Daddy Yankee. She loves to spend time on beaches and mountains. Her favourite beach is Mazatlán beach in Mexico.

Many people believe she is the real Kim Kardashian of Mexico because of her fiery images and poses.

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However, one of the reasons why many people prefer it over the famous celebrity is that the body of this Mexican appears to be completely natural, despite the fact that the curves have been worked out with exercises, as you can see in the videos you share on your network.

Yuliett Torres bikini Instagram
Image Credit: Yuliett Torres Instagram

Furthermore, there is no doubt that, in addition to her physical beauty, Yuliett Torres shares the quality of daring with Kim Kardashian, as her Instagram photos produce an impact from the occasional tachycardia.

Here are some of the photographs that have most captivated the public’s attention on her Instagram.

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