In the midst of Salma Hayek’s Throw Back Thursday, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek star in a Super Bowl 2022 commercial

Salma Hayek hits us again in a very special way, as part of a Super Bowl 2022 commercial that will be aired next Sunday.

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched television events in the United States, and companies save some of their best advertising campaigns to be shown during the game. This year, we will be able to see one of the most epic commercials, in which Salma Hayek plays an important role.

In this incredible commercial, the Veracruz woman appears alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. A few days before the big game, the actors revealed the spectacular campaign that BMW is planning to launch to promote its new iX electric vehicle.

Salma Hayek posted a 60-second Instagram video in which she plays the Greek goddess Hera alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays Zeus, Hera’s husband.

The Greek gods are tired of their divine labors and decide to leave Mount Olympus for more earthly existence. Although this change does not entirely please the father of the gods.

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The Super Bowl 2022 commercial is so good that fans of both stars reacted positively on social media and expressed their desire to see them in a feature film together.

The majority of the comments on Salma’s profile were along the lines of “Aww, I wish this was a movie.” It’s so good and entertaining,” and “I need this in a movie, please!”

Arnold also posted the commercial to his Facebook page, writing that he had a great time filming with Salma Hayek. “Now…GET TO THE CHARGER!!” he exclaims, referring to his classic dialogue from the film Predator. Her followers expressed interest in a film as well. “I thought it was a movie, what a letdown,” one user commented.

There will apparently be a couple more commercials for this campaign, so we should be prepared for more of this type of material.

Throwback Thursday with Salma Hayek

Throwback Thursday with Salma Hayek
In the midst of Salma Hayek's Throw Back Thursday, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek star in a Super Bowl 2022 commercial 1

Salma Hayek surprised her millions of social media followers by sharing an image of herself enjoying herself in the pool while demonstrating how good it feels with each passing year.

Her post went viral among the Mexican’s more than 20 million Instagram followers, a platform where she constantly shares fragments of her day-to-day life accompanied by motivational and empowering messages.

Hayek has been vocal about how much she has enjoyed her time off since the beginning of 2022, following a year in which she experienced a range of emotions and professional triumphs in Hollywood.

In other images, she appears to be frozen in time, wearing a bright blue swimsuit, flaunting radiant skin, her hair messy by the water, and her only ally the spectacular natural light that shines behind her.

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