Rapper Soulja Boy’s private videos were leaked a few days after he announced his retirement from rapping

Deandre Cortez, better known as Soulja Boy, is an American rapper and record producer who has leaked his own naked photos.

The “She Make It Clap” singer took to Twitter to inform his fans about a new page he would be opening and posting some juicy content. A fan who paid and subscribed for the content took screenshots and recordings of the private area and has since spread it online.

Soulja Boy
Rapper Soulja Boy's private videos were leaked a few days after he announced his retirement from rapping 1

The rapper, who announced earlier this year that he is retiring from rapping and will pursue a career in acting, has gotten his fans talking; however, this could just be a publicity stunt for his eventual transition.

The rapper appears to be enjoying the attention generated by the trending images, as he has since been retweeting posts such as “Soulja boy I’m trynna be yo Soulja girlll.”

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Some of his fans appear to be enjoying the content, tweeting about how impressed they were with what they saw.

Rapper Soulja Boy surprised social media a few days ago when he announced that he is leaving the hip-hop world to focus solely on acting. The 31-year-old lyricist, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, revealed the shocking news on Instagram Live while promoting a new TV show.

“I’m an actor now,” the “Crank That” singer declared on camera. “2022, my new TV show premiering on Revolt TV on January 21st, shout-out to P. Diddy.”

“Being Draco, new TV show January 21, 2022, we going into the year with all positive energy, you know what I’m saying?” the aspiring actor continued.

While Cortez Way did not mention the specific feuds, the musician had recently chastised Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) for allegedly getting him booted from other artists’ albums.

The remark was in response to the pair’s highly publicized feud over the summer, which began when Soulja Boy’s contribution to the latter’s album “Donda” was left out of the final release.

West explained in November that he had scrapped the verse because it was “trash,” to which Cortez Way retorted on Livestream that the entire album was trash, according to NME. West later apologized for the remark.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy sparked a Twitter feud with WWE superstar Randy Orton this spring after tweeting that the “rap game” was “faker than WWE.”

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