“Are they afraid of powerful women?” screams Nathy Peluso in response to the haters

Nathy Peluso has become one of the most acclaimed singers in recent years, as well as one of her most vocal detractors. The singer has now exploded on Twitter in response to the hateful messages she has received on social media, making an important allegation about being a woman in the music industry.

Nathy Peluso is a frequent source of contention on social media. The Argentine singer is well aware of what it is like to face criticism and hatred on a daily basis for her physique, music, or personality, but she has demonstrated that she does not care what her detractors think of her.

The singer recently won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album for her latest album, Calambre, and her joys continue to reach her as she has been nominated for a Grammy Award for the first time. Still, it appears that there are those who do not applaud Nathy Peluso’s achievements…

Criticism of the singer has intensified in recent months, especially since the release of the contentious Atheist video. And, while the Argentine artist has refused to comment on haters until now, the truth is that she is no longer able to withstand this pressure.

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Nathy Peluso speaks out against hatred on social media

Now, the artist wishes to make a significant allegation about hate messages via her social media platforms. “Do they fear powerful women?” The singer pondered this on Twitter, where she posted a couple of tweets about the constant criticism she has received.

As a result, the interpreter of Crime assured, even putting “her hand in the fire,” that if she were insecure, she “would receive much less hate” than she does now. “You can see that they are angry with a woman who is happy, and they want to make her unhappy precisely because of that,” the singer said again.

However, in response to these comments, Peluso has demonstrated that she is above these criticisms due to her security. “Fortunately, I’m a strong liner, and they don’t even knock me down with three trucks,” the Argentine explained.

Nathy Peluso is praised by by users on Twitter

With this message, the singer has gained the support of social media users, who have applauded Nathy Peluso’s sincere message in response to her derogatory comments.

In fact, celebrities such as Mónica Naranjo, Angy Fernández, and Cristina Pedroche have supported the Argentine composer. “What you are is a queen… and every time I listen to you, my skin crawls. The mediocre is nervous because of that panther look “, assured Sobreviviré’s singer.

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