Mathilde Tantot Biography, Age, Career and Family

Mathilde Tantot is a young French influencer and entrepreneur who was born on December 29, 1994, in Bordeaux. She has millions of followers on social media. In January 2022, she has 10.2 million Instagram followers, where she promotes her images. She has long blond hair, tanned skin, and the look of a Californian surfer.

Mathilde Tantot
Mathilde Tantot Biography, Age, Career and Family 1
Date of BirthDecember 29, 1994
Height5 feet and 7 inches
ProfessionInstagram star and model
Net worth$1 million- $2 million

They are both ambassadors for Khassani Swimwear, their own swimwear brand that they founded on February 1, 2016, with their friend Martin Offenstein, whom they met in high school in Bordeaux. At the same time, they pay homage to their paternal grandfather, who is of Iranian origin, by naming their band after him. Their fabrics are imported from Italy, and their models are made in Portugal.

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Mathilde Tantot
Mathilde Tantot Biography, Age, Career and Family 2

They offer women many models of bikinis and one-piece swimsuits by promoting their products in destinations such as Seychelles, the Maldives, and even Cuba, as they are passionate about travel and eager for the world’s most beautiful beaches. The two sisters also pose for a variety of fashion brands that use their modeling services.

Their popularity rating on the networks has risen steadily since 2016. The twin sisters rub shoulders with celebrities as a result of their success and perfect plastic. For example, in February 2019, they are invited to Neymar’s birthday party at the Pavillon Gabriel in the 8th arrondissement, where other celebrities such as Bob Sinclar will be present.

Mathilde Tantot’s favorite food is the spring rolls and also the beef with onions.


Mathilde Tantot
Mathilde Tantot Biography, Age, Career and Family 3

Her heritage is French and Persian, according to her Instagram bio. She began her modeling career at an early age, with her sister.

She is currently one of the top Instagram models, gaining a lot of popularity and attention for her hot and sensual modeling and bikini photos that she posts on her Instagram account.

She is also a co-owner of the iconic bikini business Khassani Swimwear, which she founded with her twin sister Pauline. As of April 2022, she has acquired over 10.2 million followers on Instagram alone.

She is admired and complimented for her lovely appearance and exceptionally desirable and well-maintained body form. She also travels the world with her sister to promote and model for her own business, Khassani Swimwear. It already has over 308k followers on its Business page.

Cosmetic surgery

Mathilde Tantot
Mathilde Tantot Biography, Age, Career and Family 4

We’ve all seen how models these days cover their plastic surgery in order to improve their appearance and appear natural. Mathilde Tantot, on the other hand, has kept it authentic and open to surgical conjecture. She admits to having injections in her buttocks, but the liquid (hyaluronic acid) is totally absorbed.

Mathilde Tantot has also acknowledged to having her nose done. Aside from her nose, she has said unequivocally that her waist and breast are all-natural.


Mathilde Tantot has the kind of beauty that any guy would want. It is apparent that her connection piques the interest of many individuals. It’s tough to glean any hints or signals regarding her relationship status from her Instagram page. You may be wondering why.

She had a crush on a male model named Martin Offenstein. She used to upload images of herself with him that only a couple would post. However, he hasn’t been on her Instagram site in a long time. She has also deleted all of his images.

Not only that, but it’s clear from Martin’s profile that he’s dating her twin sister, Pauline Tantot. We don’t know what’s going on between them, but one thing is certain: her relationship with Martin is definitely off.


Instagram Sponsorship: Because Mathilde has over 10.2 million followers on Instagram, advertisers pay a fee for each post she makes.

Taking Mathilde’s most recent 15 posts into account, the average engagement rate of followers on each of her posts is 13.49 percent. As a result, the average estimate of her sponsorship earnings is between $20,359 and $33,931.

Mathilde Tantot
Mathilde Tantot Biography, Age, Career and Family 5

Khassani Swimsuit: She co-owns her own swimwear line, Khassani Swimwear. Her brand is becoming increasingly popular as a result of her fame. As of April 2022, it already had over 435k Instagram followers. Various swimsuit lines are available for purchase online at

Net worth: Based on the information provided above, her net worth is estimated to be between $800,000 and $1,000,000 as of now. However, the estimate is far from exact because much information is yet unknown, which will, of course, be examined in the coming days.

More Mathilde Tantot Facts

  • Mathilde Tantot will be 28 years old in December 2022.
  • Mathilde Tantot was born under the sign of Capricorn.
  • She is the proprietor of Khassani Swimwear, a bikini company.
  • She has an identical twin sister.
  • She has a big Instagram fan base.


It is clear that there is a lot of misinformation regarding people like Mathilde Tantot floating around. Mathilde’s detractors can fabricate lies and attempt to bring her down out of jealousy and envy. Mathilde, on the other hand, has never given it much thought. Mathilde’s fans and following prefer that she focuses on positivism and love. Mathilde has done a good job of keeping herself out of controversy to this day.

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