In one of her most recent appearances, Marbelle’s outfit was criticized.

Marbelle’s relationship with her boyfriend Sebastián Salazar, 25, has sparked much discussion, beginning with their 15-year age difference. However, unlike in the past, the focus is not on the couple this time. But, according to the singer, it’s all because of a video Salazar shared in his stories.

She is seen in this publication interpreting the line “Today I want to toast your damn love, even if it appears that I am addicted to pain.” “Today, I’d like to toast your damn love,” she sings in her song Addicted to Pain.

Salazar’s Instagram message reads, “Proud of you, my life.” “You deserve everything, I love you,” she said, but that was not the part of her story that her followers emphasized the most.

The video was reposted on the profile @rastreandofamosos, highlighting her message, but instead of focusing on it, users chose to focus on the singer’s appearance.

She’s wearing a blue shiny bodysuit, veiled stockings, and knee-high heeled boots in this one. “Uyyyyy no but let her dress up,” “She sings very cute, but for her type of music does not need that wardrobe,” and “Is there a need to do a show in a thong?” were among the comments on the publication. It doesn’t bother me, but is it necessary? “,” And to her who told her she looked good in that cabaret outfit “and “I don’t understand that cabaret outfit “

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