Lindsay Ellis quits from YouTube and Twitter for what reason? Explained: Racist Tweet Drama and Controversy

Lindsay Ellis, a well-known YouTuber, announced her retirement on Instagram. According to fans, Ellis was forced to leave Twitter after being hounded to the point of breaking for a previous tweet in which she claimed Raya and The Last Dragon was a rip-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender. In a Twitter tweet, Ellis said goodbye to her fans. She was a novelist who became the focus of a troll festival in March. As her followers put it, her tweets comparing Raya and the Last Dragon to Avatar: The Last Airbender ignited the controversy.

Lindsay Ellis quits from YouTube and Twitter for what reason?

Lindsay Ellis’ cancellation began when she made a comparison of Raya to the popular animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. People began to respond very immediately after she said something, claiming that her tweet suggested that Avatar, an anime show influenced by Eastern traditions, was the inspiration for so many stories with Eastern cultural features.

Lindsay’s detractors also pointed out that Avatar’s authors were white, whereas Raya’s writing team included persons of Asian descent.

“She can see where if we squinted when she was asserting all Asian-inspired goods are the same, especially if you were previously privy to those talks when I had not seen them,” she said in a follow-up tweet.

Lindsay Ellis’s reason for leaving YouTube?

Irate keyboard warriors slammed her for lumping together two separate pieces of work under the same topic, and her tweets were deleted. Ellis’ YouTube channel has over a million subscribers, and the information she publishes is original and to the point. There is no BS, no-nonsense, nothing. If you want to check out her YouTube channel, you can do so by clicking here, which will take you to her channel.

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According to followers, Ellis is claimed to have abandoned social media following months of public humiliation over her posts. “Lindsay Ellis was instrumental in altering YouTube, shifting video essays from “guy screams at the screen” to a more intellectual type of long-form entertainment.”

Apart from that, she was an outstanding writer who loved to write from the heart, but we didn’t see her anymore, one commentator remarked, expressing their unhappiness with the way social media works. She can relate to a lot of what has been said here, and they hope Lindsay Ellis finds comfort, joy, and peace of mind no matter which route she chooses.

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