Final Fantasy VII disrupts an Italian government meeting

Yesterday, Italian lawmakers convened in Zoom to discuss data transparency. When an NSFW video of Final Fantasy’s Tifa Lockheart began playing during the meeting, they got more than they bargained for.

The video began to play as Giorgio Parisi, one of the physics Nobel laureates for 2020, was introduced in the call. The video lasted about thirty seconds, but we’re pretty sure it felt much longer for those in the meeting.

Screenshot from social media

According to ANSA, the meeting went fairly well for the first 30 minutes. When it came time for Parisi to be introduced, the call was hijacked by a participant who was sharing their screen with a CGI NSFW video of Tifa Lockheart.

The 30-second NSFW portion of the meeting VOD has been edited out as of now.

The online Zoom call was also broadcasted live via Senato TV (a national Italian channel), so it is likely that those viewing from home have seen the clip as well. Many people are blaming the hacker for hijacking the phone call. According to Kotaku, many people were sharing their screens as well, making it difficult to determine if it was truly a hacker who was to blame.

The meeting was hosted by Senator Maria Laura Mantovani of the Five Star Movement. Someone in the call shouted something about “sex offenders” as the clip played, and Mantovani quickly signalled her assistant to turn off the feed (which ended up taking quite a bit of time). However, the Zoom call resumed normally shortly after the interruption, with Parisi speaking as if the NSFW clip had never occurred.

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