World Best And Worst Passport Ranking For 2022

Best And Worst Passport for 2022 has been released. The most important thing required to travel outside of the country, or from one country to another, is a passport. The stronger your country’s passport, the more countries you will be able to visit without a visa.

Best And Worst Passport
World Best And Worst Passport Ranking For 2022 1

The ‘Henley Passport Index for 2022,’ a London-based immigration consultancy, has published a ranking of passports from around the world. Including a ranking of all 199 countries’ passports from strongest to weakest. This ranking indicates which countries’ citizens have the most freedom to travel.

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The most potent passport

Japan, Singapore, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, and Denmark are among the top ten countries on this list.

PassportRankCountry Access Score
South Korea2192
Source-Henley Passport Index

The Worst Passports

Some countries’ passports are in very poor condition, according to this ranking of powerful passports. They were placed at the bottom of the index.


This country has the world’s weakest passport. Afghanistan is ranked 112th, or last, on this list. Only 26 countries are visa-free for residents of this country.


Iraq is ranked just above Afghanistan. Iraqi passports allow visa-free travel to 28 countries.


Syria is ranked third on the list of countries with the weakest passports. With a Syrian passport, you can visit only 29 countries without a visa.


Pakistan’s passport is the fourth weakest in the world. Only 31 countries can be visited without a visa using this passport.

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