Rashid Khan replies to R Ashwin’s proposal

Rashid Khan replies to R Ashwin: On November 7, the T20 World Cup’s pivotal match will be played. However, India will not participate. The game will be between our adversaries, New Zealand and Afghanistan. Why do you believe there is such a high level of interest in this match? Yes, indeed… True, all Indian cricket fans are looking forward to this match.

Afghanistan is unquestionably the favorite in this match, according to TeamIndia fans. Because if the New Zealand team loses this match, Team India has a chance to advance to the semi-finals. If New Zealand wins this match, the Indian team is out of the tournament! On the same subject, Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin and Afghan spinner Rashid Khan had an interesting conversation. On social media, the tweet has since gone viral.

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Rashid Khan replies to R Ashwin

Mujeeb, who missed the playing XI against India due to injury, has a chance to play in the match against Afghanistan’s Kiwis. First, Ashwin wished Afghanistan all the best. In his mind, he then revealed the word. Mujib stated that he would welcome any assistance from an Indian physiotherapist. Hopefully, he’ll be ready for the game against the Kiwis.

In response to Ashwin’s remarks, Afghan spinner Rashid Khan tweeted something amusing in Telugu. “Don’t let the tension go, Brother. “Our team is considering physio Prashant Panchada,” he responded. Sunrisers Hyderabad fans are celebrating by tweeting in Telugu that they are ‘looking.’ Because it is well known that Rashid Khan, who is currently representing the Sunrisers Hyderabad team in the IPL, has a large following in Telugu states.

India, on the other hand, kept their semi-final hopes alive with big wins over Afghanistan and Scotland. However, all of India’s hopes now rest on the match between Afghanistan and New Zealand. If New Zealand wins this match, India’s hopes are over. However, if Afghanistan wins, India will have a chance to advance to the semi-finals by defeating Namibia the following day.

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