Heated Argument Between Harbhajan Singh and Mohammed Amir

Heated Argument Between Harbhajan Singh and Mohammed Amir has taken place. Three days have passed since the match between India and Pakistan ended in the T20 World Cup, but the intoxication of victory has not come from Pakistan’s players.

Some former Pakistani players are not deterred from misbehaving and are trolling Indian players. Similarly, former India spinner Harbhajan Singh and former Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir were involved in a similar incident.

Harbhajan and Aamir exchanged harsh retorts on Twitter on Tuesday night. While Aamir was constantly mocking Harbhajan, Bhajji responded appropriately. Please tell us how this all began.

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Harbhajan Singh and Mohammed Amir were enraged by the walkover joke.

In fact, for the first time in World Cup history, India was defeated by Pakistan. Before the game, Harbhajan joked that India should give Pakistan a walkover in the World Cup because the Pakistan team had not won a single match against India in the tournament. Following this, the Pakistan team won, and Amir, ecstatic with victory, made a jab at Harbhajan. “I wanted to know if Harbhajan paaji didn’t break his TV?” he wrote.

“Didn’t the TV cut out on the six’s landing?”

In response to this tweet, Harbhajan shared a video of the fourth match of the Asia Cup, which took place in Dambulla on June 19, 2010. He wrote in the caption, “Now you will also speak Mohammad Amir.” This six did not appear on your home television? Nobody happens in the end, as you stated, it’s just a game.

Afridi’s six wickets teased Harbhajan.

Following Bhajji’s tweet, Aamir shared a video of India’s Test match against Pakistan. Aamir wrote in the video’s caption, “I was a little busy Harbhajan Singh.” I was observing your bowling. When Lala (Shahid Afridi) hit four sixes off your four balls. There is cricket, it may appear, but it has become a little more in Test cricket.

Harbhajan’s response was appropriate.

Harbhajan was enraged when Amir overstepped his boundaries and reminded him of the match-fixing incident. In response to Amir, Bhajji wrote, “How did the no ball at Lord’s happen?” How much was taken by whom? How can test cricket be played without a ball? Shame on you for slandering such a beautiful game.

Aamir had reached the pinnacle of shamelessness.

Aamir did not agree, so he tweeted again, writing, “Bhago Bhago Lala (Shahid Afridi) came.” Aamir, only paisa… na izzat na kuch and only paisa… will you not tell how much your countrymen and supporters got… get lost… for insulting this game I hate even talking to people like you.

Aamir made another false statement.

Aamir then tagged Harbhajan and wrote, “Very brash ho…Talking about my past isn’t going to change the fact that you and your team were humiliated three days ago. What about your erroneous bowling motion? Come out and watch us win the World Cup right now. If you didn’t get a chance to go for a walk, go to the park. You’ll feel better.

Amir is reminded of the six by Harbhajan.

Harbhajan then shared a video of the 2010 Asia Cup match against Pakistan. In this match, he won it for India by hitting a six off Amir’s ball. In this match, Gautam Gambhir and Kamran Akmal squared off. “Sixer to the fixer.. out of the park…Mohammed Amir…Chal dafa ho jaa,” Bhajji wrote in the tweet. Aamir then left, saying good night.

Amir has been accused of spot-fixing

Former Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir was accused of spot-fixing in 2010. During the England tour, he bowled a lot of no balls. The investigation also confirmed this. He was also sentenced to five years in prison. Aamir later apologized publicly. Following that, he returned to international cricket. Amir, on the other hand, retired last year after a squabble with the Pakistan team’s management.

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