Did AOC truly claim that Republican men want to have sex with her? The BF feet tweet has sparked outrage

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez enjoys a good brawl, and on December 31, 2021, she decided to cap off the year with one of her strongest yet. The New York Representative attempted to take down former Trump adviser Steve Cortes, but it did not go as planned. Many on social media were perplexed, with some wondering if she was drunk, while others backed her in the Twitter fight. A photo of AOC and her boyfriend enjoying their Christmas break in Florida was at the centre of it all.

Cortes joins a long list of Republicans who have been targeted by the outspoken Congresswoman. AOC slammed Kellyanne Conway in March 2020 after the then-White House counsellor slammed her silence on the Sri Lanka bombings. Marjorie Taylor Greene dug herself a hole in April 2021 after sparring with AOC about the Green New Deal, which turned into a memorable trolling session for the Republicans. AOC does not spare members of her own party, once feuding with Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2019.

Did AOC truly state that men want to have sex with her?

Cortes’ tweet isn’t the first time he’s complained about men’s feet. Cortez frequently complains about men showing off their feet in public, as one user pointed out in the comments. Rather than picking up on that, AOC chose to go in a completely different direction. She responded to Cortes by saying, “If Republicans are upset that they can’t date me, they can simply say so rather than projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet. Weirdos, you creepy weirdos.”

She followed that up with another tweet in which she stated, “Ignoring the very obvious, strange, and deranged sexual frustrations that underpin the Republican obsession with me, women, and LGBT+ people in general is getting old. These people clearly need therapy, but they refuse to go to it and instead use politics as an outlet. It’s very strange.”

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