Madonna Louise Ciccone is considered one of the most influential figures in popular culture and has often been referred to as the "Queen of Pop".

In the latest racy photos, Madonna, 63, poses with her legs open and displays her underwear as she labels herself a 'exhibitionist.'

On Tuesday, Madonna lifted her skirt to reveal her racy black panties and fishnets to her 17.3 million followers, joking that she was 'ready to give birth.'

Another of her appearances was a smock-like white dress with red elements, such as her belt and fingerless gloves.

Madonna cinched a piece of black corsetry around her dress for her new album, highlighting her enviably slender body.

Madonna's social media also included a photo of herself checking her phone while sitting with her legs akimbo in what her caption revealed was a reference to the 'BIRTH OF VENUS.'

Before few days Madonna posted some raunchy images of her which was taken down by Instagram but she reposted the images again

Madonna is known for not shying away from controvery. The smooch on stage with Britney was the talk of the town in 2003