Brazil has surely became breeding ground of beauties. Brazilian beauties are making a name for themselves on world stage.

Caroline Teixeira represented the Federal District in Miss World Brazil and won the pageant on 19th August 2021

Caroline is 23-years-old. She is a lawyer, athlete, model, and beauty queen, who graduated in law and aims to join the Public Ministry.

According to Caroline's father, public servant Carlos Teixeira, the daughter's greatest quality is far from being her beauty.

He also shared that his daughter loves to help others, but her philanthropic side intensified after her cancer.

But Miss World 2021 final was postponed because of some contestants tested Covid positive. Its finally taking place on march 16th.

With a beautiful smile, Caroline Teixeira has a superb body and she likes to ride horse and she loves adventures.

In 2018, Caroline was diagnosed with thyroid cancer but she survived and came out even stronger. She is a strong lady.

Caroline is a strong, independent, confident, and determined woman who is going to take part in the Miss World 2021 Final.