Another Cyclone Yaas To Hit Eastern Part Of India on 26th

Odisha has prepared a blueprint for a possible cyclone, “Yaas”, in the northern Bay of Bengal. By the 28th, the storm is likely to move north and make landfall. 

Therefore, the state government has contacted the coastal district administration to review the preparations. 

A low-pressure system is expected to form in the Andaman Sea on the 22nd and will make landfall between Odisha and West Bengal on the morning of the 26th.

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In response to the Chief Minister’s order, the state government has begun preparing for a possible storm in the northern Bay of Bengal. The preparations have begun at the district and state levels.

Plans are in place to restore normalcy in the regions affected by the cyclone. The SRC has met with the district collectors and officials of the department in charge to determine how many teams of firefighters, NDRFs, and ODRAFs should be deployed.

All wind shelters and other infrastructure have been asked to be repaired. In the aftermath of the storm, the Panchayat Raj and the Drinking Water Department have been asked to keep the tanks filled. 

Cyclone Yaas
Image Credit: Meteorological Department

The Odisha government has instructed the Department of Public Works to keep a very close eye on the manpower and the equipment required for restoring power to the cyclone-affected area. The department has been instructed to be prepared for the next steps after the cyclone.

As a result of the low-pressure system over Andaman and the Bay of Bengal, cyclonic storm conditions are expected in 72 hours, when the low-pressure system becomes operational from May 22 onwards. The low-pressure is most likely to intensify as a cyclone.

Cyclone Yaas

In the case of a cyclonic storm, ‘Yaas’ may cause havoc in Bengal and Odisha on the evening of 26 May. During this time, heavy rains and strong winds could occur in both states. 

In Assam and Meghalaya, it can cause light to moderate rainfall.

The Meteorological department warned the fishermen not to sail into Southeast Bay of Bengal and south Andaman sea from 21st May and advised those in the deep sea to return by 23rd May.

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