People Gathers At Wine Shops To Collect Their Quota Ahead Of Lock Down

The Orissa government has announced a 15-day lock-down in the entire state from May 5, during which all other institutions except the emergency service will remain closed. Orissa Government made this announcement on Sunday. A large crowd was seen as soon as the shops and market opened on Monday morning. People stood in queues in front of the supermarkets and wine shops.

Many people were taking ration for the whole month, then people standing in front of the wine shop were taking their 15-day alcohol quota.

The administration had an idea of this, so every place where there was a possibility of a mob was placed by the police personnel to control the crowd.

This lockdown will begin on 5th May, i.e. Wednesday, and will run till 19 May. Meanwhile, things like restaurants, barbershops, liquor shops, electronics and electrical shops will remain closed.

wine shop
People Gathers At Wine Shops To Collect Their Quota Ahead Of Lock Down 1

Institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, health examination centres, ambulances will continue to operate between these. You can order food online from the restaurant, the delivery boys of online shopping like Amazon and Flipkart will be free to give delivery in the meantime.

wine shop
Wine Shop at Damana Square, Bhubaneswar

From 6:00 in the morning to 12:00 in the morning you can get Vegetables from the nearby shops.

Meanwhile, all bus services will be closed. All education institutions, coaching centres and training centres will remain closed. Facilities like gym, cinema hall, market complex etc. will also be closed.

You have to get permission in advance for marriage, and only 50 people can participate in it. Similarly, if someone dies, only 20 people will be allowed to participate in the rituals.

It is permitted to operate print, electronic and web media in the meantime. Agencies supplying petrol, kitchen gas are allowed to operate during the lockdown. Taxis, autos, bicycles, rickshaws etc., will not run in the meantime. For reasons other than medical reasons, you cannot travel anywhere.

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