From Encounter specialist to Accuse in 25th February Antilia case, who is Sachin Vaze

Mumbai: Sachin Vaze was arrested by National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with the 25th February Antalia scare case where a Scorpio full of Gelatin sticks was parked outside Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani’s house.

But who is Sachin Vaze and what is his history?

Sachin Hindurao Vaze is an assistant Inspector in Mumbai police. He earned the name of encounter specialist alongside Daya Nayak and Pradeep Sharma in the 90s. He was involved in shootouts of 63 criminals. He joined the Maharashtra police force in 1990. Sachin started his career in the Gadchiroli district, which is known to be Maoist influenced district of Maharashtra, but after 2 years, he was transferred to Thane.

He started his encounter spree when posted in thane and soon recognized as one of the encounter specialists in Maharashtra police. Rising on his reputation, Vaze was transferred to Crime Intelligence Unit or CIU in Mumbai Police.

Pradeep Sharma influenced Vaze, and many reports claim that he was his mentor also. In 1997 Vaze was transferred to the Anti Extortion Unit with Pradeep Sharma. In 2004 Sachin Vaze, along with other police officers, was suspended for the custodial death of Khwaja Yunus. Khwaja Yunus was a suspect in the 2002 Ghatkopar bus bomb blast case.

On 2nd December 2002, a bomb blast occurred in Mumbai, and four people were arrested in connection with the blast, including Yunus, and were charged under the POTA act.

On January 6th, 2003, Khwaja Yunus (Sayed Khwaja Yunus Sayed Ayub) was killed as per Dr. Mateen and Zaheer (both arrested in connection with the same case), but the dead body of Khwaja is still not found.

Court ordered the State government to compensate his family. In 2012 Khwaja Yunus’s mother Asiya also filed a case in court that she was still waiting for the compensation. Advocate Mihir Desai appeared for Khwaja Yunus’s mother.

In 2008 he joined Shiv Sena after being shunned by the police department to reinstate him. He was Shiv Sena’s spokesperson for some time.

in 2020, he was reinstated by Maharashtra Police, citing a lack of workforce to handle Covid time other cases. Khwaja Younis’s mother filed a contempt plea in Bombay High Court against the Mumbai Police commissioner and ADG for reinstating Vaze.

Sachin Vaze was also investigating High profile cases like the TRP rigging case involving Arnab Goswami. Vaze was present in the house of Arnab Goswami when Arnab was taken to police custody.

Why Sachin Vaze is a accused?

Mansukh Hiren’s Scorpio was found loaded with Gelatin on 25th February near Mukesh Ambani’s home Antalia. After some days, Mansukh Hiren’s body was found in Mumbra Reti Bundar on March 5th. From the first day, his wife denied that Hiren committed suicide and said that Hiren was murdered.

BJP leader and Maharashtra Ex-CM Devendra Fadnavis also made allegations against Assistant Inspector Sachin Vaze involved in Mansukh Hiren’s case. He also said that in 2018 when Devendra Fadnavis was the CM of Maharashtra, ShivSena asked him to reinstate Vaze. Still, when he saw his record, he said that he would only decide after consulting Advocate General’s opinion in the case. After consulting with Advocate General, Fadnavis did not accept the proposal.

In an interview given to Republic TV, Former Mumbai DCP Ravindranath Angre alleges that Sachin Vaze ‘Was Just An Extortion Officer.’ He said that he was working under Pradeep Sharma and Vaze was no encounter specialist as described by media.

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