The Deadline For The Whatsapp Privacy Policy Nears, Here Is What you Should Know

From its inception in 2009 to 2021, WhatsApp has come a long way and almost has become an essential part of many people’s life. As per statistics, it had more than 2 Billion Monthly Active users in March 2020.

WhatsApp had made its new privacy policy in 2020 and rolled it out in early 2021. The last date to accept this privacy policy was February 8. But after it was severely criticized on social media and media, Facebook postponed it for some time.

New Deadline to Accept the Privacy Policy and What is the New Policy

May 15 is the last date to accept the new privacy policy that has been modified and rolled out by WhatsApp on January 4th,2021. WhatsApp privacy policy says nothing has changed how you communicate with your friends and family but there will be some changes in business WhatsApp. Here are the key points as stated by WhatsApp in their new privacy policy for personal WhatsApp users.

  • As per WhatsApp they cant see your personal message or calls as they are end-to-end encrypted.
  • They don’t keep record of of people who are messaging you or calling you.
  • As per WhatsApp they cant access the location you share with your friends and family.
  • WhatsApp don’t share your contact with any third party app or even with Facebook.
  • WhatsApp group to remain private as it was before the new privacy policy roll out.

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What have changed for Business WhatsApp users

Many business who have a business page on Facebook has a business WhatsApp integrated to it and they communicate often with their clients or customers. Even many clients find out businesses on Facebook and try to ping them on their WhatsApp.

Whatsapp clarified that many large scale business needs more secure and larger server and for that Whatsapp will use Facebook servers to store the data like chats with customers or clients, transaction, appointment, and shipping notifications; product and service updates; and marketing.

Whether you communicate with a business by phone, email, or WhatsApp, it can see what you’re saying and may use that information for its own marketing purposes, which may include advertising on Facebook. But as per WhatsApp this will be restricted to business accounts who choose to use Facebook hosting service.

What If you don’t accept New WhatsApp Privacy Policy

If you don’t accept the new WhatsApp privacy policy on or before 15th of May then your account will not be delated or pushed to an inactive stage. However you will not be able to use the full service of the WhatsApp. Services like instant messaging and group chats will be no longer available for you but you can use voice and video calls.

WhatsApp will give you a 120 days time to accept the the privacy policy failing to which your account will be barred to use any service on the platform.

If you open a new account post the deadline then also you have to accept WhatsApp privacy policy to use its full service.

The Story of WhatsApp

WhatsApp was started by two ex-Yahoo employees Brian Acton (Who was denied an employment by Facebook and Twitter in 2009) and Jan Koum in 2009 when they both bought an iPhone, and looking at the Apps in the App store they were convinced that this is the future.

By April 2013 WhatsApp touched the 200 Million mark of monthly active users. And in February 2014 when Facebook acquired it for a whopping $19 billions it has crossed the 450 Million mark. Both the founder became billionaires by this deal as Jan Koum pocketed a $6.8 billion whereas his partner in crime Acton pocketed $3.5 billion after taxes.

Jan Koum also got a seat in Facebook board and a matched salary with Mark Zuckerberg($1).

In 2018 both Brian Acton and Jan Koum left the Facebook as it started to monetize the WhatsApp. Though Koum has never expressed the real reason behind his exit but Acton (Co-founder of the Signal App) was critical towards Mark Zuckerberg and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

After his exit from Facebook Acton tweeted which still remains his last tweet, in which he wrote “It is time. #deletefacebook”

Acton said then invested $50 million in Signal in 2018 which was a small messaging app made by a security researcher named Moxie Marlinspike to make it a app that cares for it users more than money.

Should You Accept WhatsApp Privacy Policy

It is up to you to decide whether you accept the new WhatsApp privacy policy or not but my personal advise will be wait till the last minute. Once you accept the terms then there is no undoing it, so have patience and watch out for the development occurs as the final date comes nearer.

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