Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram down at 10.40 PM, Signal makes fun

Odiha News: On Friday night at 10:40, Facebook’s messaging app WhatsApp and photo-sharing app Instagram went down for about 1 hour. Some users also faced this problem on Facebook. According to WhatsApp’s official statement, their app was about 45 minutes down, while according to users, the time was around 1 hour.

Many users were having trouble sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp, and the website of Instagram was not even opening. Facebook’s website and App had slightly fewer problems than these two.

Over 37000 users reported a WhatsApp down last night from 10.40 PM to 11:30 PM, according to the Downdetcator. At the same time, more than 26000 people confirmed the Instagram down. However, the Facebook officials did not share anything about this problem in detail. However, officials confirmed with their social media account that their service is down, and later they reported the service had been restored. The company only gave information that the problem came due to some technical reasons and now they have resolved.

Instagram Down
Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram down at 10.40 PM, Signal makes fun 1

Most people on Instagram were seeing a 5xx error, and let us tell you that 5xx errors mean server-side errors but did not share the details by any Facebook group that what was the issue with servers.

Signal, rival of WhatsApp

Last night, Signal’s registered account grew significantly. Signal welcomed it through a tweet and jokingly wrote that nontechnical people would never understand when someone says that some weekend downtime is going on.

It was not the first time that the Facebook service was down. Even before December 2020, Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp went down for a few hours. And even then, Facebook did not share the details of the service going down; it was only admitted that their service had gone down.

The messaging app, which now belongs to Facebook facing serious competition from Signal. After the Privacy policy update of Whatsapp, which was set to roll out on February 8th but later delayed due to the backlash from users, Signal saw a surge of users; even the Indian government launched a desi version for messaging called Sandesh. The next schedule of privacy policy rollout for Whatsapp is on May 15th of this year.

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