While the name "Katy Perry" has a nice ring to it, the eccentric celebrity's real name is "Katheryn Hudson." Katy adopted her mother's maiden name as her stage name instead.

Katy admits to having had a difficult childhood. Keith and Mary Hudson, her parents, were religious pastors who raised Katy and her siblings in an evangelical home.

As Katty was brought up in a Catholic family with both her parents being pastors, Katy started singing in a Gospel choir. In fact, it was the only genre she was allowed to listen to as a child.

Katty began singing in a Gospel choir because she was raised in a Catholic family. As a matter of fact, it was the only genre she was permitted to listen to as a child.

Katy was brought up in a conservative family where homosexuality was synonymous with sin but Katy decided to release her first single (I Kissed a Girl) with the controversial bisexual lyrics. 

After a whirlwind romance and shotgun wedding, it seemed like Katy Perry had found her soulmate in Russell Brand – but she got divorced by text.

Katy Perry’s romances may have been rocky in the past, but she’s finally settled down – with every girl’s dream man Orlando Bloom.

Katty isn’t one to calorie-count and embark on fad-diets; instead, she enjoys lots of tasty treats. Her favorite indulgence is Asian food, including crispy beef and yellowtail sashimi.

Katy dropped out of school at the young age of 15 to focus on her singing. However, she later admitted that she wishes she stuck it out and got an education.

Katy Perry wears the same Adidas tracksuit wherever she goes. She does this to devalue their photos to ensure the paps can’t use them.