Charlotte Flair has risen to the top of the WWE Women's Division but there are also some very interesting facts about The Queen's personal life.

Charlotte did not get to spend much time with her father when she was growing up. The relationship between the two wasn’t always as strong as it is now.

With his first wife, Leslie, Ric has two children: Megan and David. With his second wife, Elizabeth, Ric also has two children in Charlotte and Reid.

Charlotte’s wrestling skills are so genetically superior to her peers that she made her debut in 2000, at the young age of 13.

She appeared in a May 2000 episode of Monday Nitro, as Ashley Flair, which was shown on the now-defunct WCW.

Charlotte was able to use the connections to WWE through her father, in order to be able to bring Randy Savage to her school.

Charlotte was arrested back in 2008 on charges of assaulting a police officer, when she was involved in a big fight which also involved her father and her first husband, Riki.

Charlotte took responsibility for her role in the fight, and she pleaded guilty to the assault. Charlotte was leniently given a suspended jail sentence.

Ric Flair never trained Charlotte. Ric took a step back from all that and left the role of training Charlotte to become one of the best wrestlers to Lodi and Sara Del Ray.

Charlotte’s initial career pursuit was not in the wrestling industry at all. Instead, Charlotte pursued a career as a personal trainer.

Charlotte worked at Ciarla Fitness in her hometown, and remained employed there until she eventually decided to enter the next phase of her career.

Charlotte married Riki Johnson in May 2010, before divorcing him a year later. She filed for divorce on the grounds of him being two different people.

Charlotte and Thomas Latimer  ( Bram) were married in 2013, but it was not meant to be as Bram and Charlotte divorced in 2015.