Trump Launched his own Social Media. Signal accuses Facebook of blocking their Ad Account

Former US President Donald Trump has launched a new social media platform following a ban by social media giants Facebook and Twitter. This social media platform has actually been featured as a WordPress blog on his website. In addition, Trump followers or followers can sign up with their email and phone numbers.

The new platform is designed like a generic version of Twitter but is hosted as a running blog. Trump has made various posts on the new “platform” until March 24. In addition, it contains a video that shows that everyone needs to have the right to speak freely.

The platform was reportedly built by Campaign Nucleus, a digital services company founded by Brad Parskel, a former Trump associate. Trump was reportedly banned by other social media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter, for making controversial posts and making provocative speeches.

Signal Accuses Facebook for blocking their Ads on Instagram

Everyone is now aware of the war between Facebook and Signal. The signal repeatedly blames data theft on Facebook and WhatsApp. Even a few months ago, when Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were down for a while, Signal made fun of the three of them.

In a tweet on Tuesday night, Signal has alleged that Facebook has banned their ad account, from which they wanted to give an Instagram ad regarding how these companies are playing with the privacy of the people.

Along with this, Signal while writing a post on its blog has said that companies like Facebook are making technology for your data, not for you. Those people are collecting every vote data about you which is possible from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp so that they can use it in their sales. They further wrote that it is no longer unknown to anyone.

Signal further Wrote ” We created a targeted ad multi-variant designed to show you the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to. The ad would simply display some of the information about the viewer that the advertising platform uses. Facebook didn’t like the idea.”

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