TRP Case: Where are evidence against Arnab Goswami? High Court asks Mumbai Police

Mumbai: On Wednesday, the Bombay High Court reprimanded the Mumbai police while hearing the so-called TRP scam case. Investigation of this case has not reached anywhere even after more than 3 months have passed. The Bombay High Court asked the Mumbai Police the question as to why Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief of Republic TV and Republic TV, had not yet been named despite the Mumbai Police claiming that they had strong evidence against Arnab Goswami and Republic TV.

The Bombay High Court further asked that a case was registered in October 2020, and today we are in March 2021. Even after so many months have passed, why no progress has been made in this case. The Bombay High Court reprimanded the police and asked that if you have any evidence, then present it or else why do you want to hang a sword on someone’s head and further asked if the Mumbai Police wants to do more investigation in the case, and If it wants, then how much more time do they need.

A petition was filed by Arnab Goswami’s media house challenging the police proceedings, charge sheet, and fire, which was heard by Justices SS Shinde and Justice Manish Pitale on Thursday. Arnab Goswami’s media house had also requested that he is not satisfied with the police action and that the case be handed over to an independent agency such as the CBI.

Arnab Goswami’s lawyer argued in the court that because Arnab Goswami was reporting against the Maharashtra government and Congress, that is why he has been deliberately targeted in this case.

Arnab Goswami’s lawyer also said that there were many channels and names of people in the report that came. But out of these, Police targeted only one channel and one man; no action was taken on the rest. But even after 4 months, the police have no strong evidence against the channel or against Arnab Goswami.

Maharashtra government counsel said that they have some evidence, and the police are working to collect more evidence. He said that this is a huge industry and a lot of people work in it. So the investigation may take some time to gather more evidence.

Srart of TRP Case

The case of the TRP scam was revealed in October 2020, and its investigation was being done by the Crime Intelligence Unit of Mumbai, whose member was also Sachin Vaje. In November 2020, Arnab was arrested in this case, and later, he was also released on bail by the Supreme Court Of India.

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