BJP Senior Leader Tathagata Roy Summoned By Central Leaders after

BJP Senior Leader Tathagata Roy Summoned By Central Leaders after he criticized the BJP national president and West Bengal BJP leaders after the defeat in the state election. He tweeted from his official account and informed him that central leadership had asked Delhi as soon as possible.

Tathagata Roy Critisized State Leaders

In response to the defeat of the BJP in Bengal, former Governor of Meghalaya and Tripura and senior BJP leader Tathagata Roy have given a strong statement. Kailash Vijayvargiya, Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh, and other BJP leaders, he said, threw Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah into the mud. As a result, it blurred the name of the biggest party in front of the world.

Tathagata Roy said that these same leaders sat in 7-star hotels in Bengal and distributed tickets to the garbage that came from the Trinamool party. Even now, the workers’ anger is erupting, and they are still sitting there, waiting for the storm to pass. The workers have severely criticized the party’s ideology and the image of party volunteers since the 1980s.

What to expect from selfish people who have studied till eighth:

Roy spoke of the post-election violence in Bengal, saying, ‘Now that BJP workers are under the oppressive Trinamool system, Kailash-Dileep-Shiv-Aravind (KDSA) are not able to save them. These people do not even want the workers to fight the Trinamool workers. These people are just trying to get used to the fact that BJP’s support has increased from 3 to 77.’

He said, ‘Such is a group of poor, frustrated and selfish people, who do not have political understanding, do not have the ability to assess nor have any sense of Bengali sensibilities. What can one expect from people who have studied up to the eighth standard and have a Mistry certificate? ‘

Roy said two apprehensions after the election, which will end BJP.
First, he said- some people ask why not hold the central leadership responsible. It is unthinkable for the central leadership of a country with a population of 130 crores to be briefed by the state’s leadership. So now I see the possibility of two things. First, the garbage that has come from the Trinamool will go back. Secondly, if the BJP workers do not see the change within the party, they will go away, which will be the end of the BJP in Bengal.

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