Supreme Court Expresses Displeasure Over Motivated Petitions

The Supreme Court expressed concern about the squandering of time as a result of several extravagant cases. According to the Supreme Court, minor cases are rendering it’s defunct.’ The Supreme Court has stated that frivolous petitions are preventing serious cases from being heard.

During the hearing of a consumer dispute case, a bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah made the remarks. The court resolved the matter in March, but a new application was filed in the same case. When the case was called up for hearing on Tuesday, Justice Chandrachud noted that the final order granting the petitioner’s request had already been issued. Nonetheless, the petitioner chose to raise a frivolous issue.

‘Now you have come here only to check some documents before depositing the balance amount for the house allotted to you,’ Justice Chandrachud told the petitioner. What in the world is this? The Supreme Court is being rendered inactive in this manner.

A slew of insignificant cases

Justice Chandrachud went on to say that the apex court judges are unable to devote enough time to serious cases because of the flood of minor cases. “Yesterday, I had to finalize an order in the Covid-19 management automatic cognizance case, but I couldn’t do it,” Justice Chandrachud said. This was due to the fact that the case files listed today had to be read. ‘Unfortunately, 90 percent of these cases were ineffective.’

The time of the court is being squandered.

He also stated that as an institution, we should not waste our time on frivolous matters. This is a waste of the court’s time, and it is assumed that we have plenty of it. Justice Chandrachud emphasized the importance of devoting adequate time to serious cases.

More than 67 thousand cases are pending, with 49 thousand being considered for listing.

According to the Supreme Court website, there were 67898 pending cases in the top court as of May 1. There are approximately 49 thousand new cases among these, and it is still being debated whether to list them or not.

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