Why Users Delete Account after Taking Help from Sonu Sood

In the time when India is facing the Wrath of the second wave of the Coronavirus, Sonu Sood is a messiah for some people. Many people tag him on social media regarding help, and he immediately replies to him most of the time.

But today, Collector and district magistrate of Ganjam, Odisha, tweeted with a screenshot from Sonu Soodโ€™s reply to a man from Ganjam District who asked him for help to get a bed for Covid patient.

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On 15 May, a boy from Berhampur Odisha requested Sonu Sood for a bed in the hospital for a relative who was Covid positive. Sonu replied immediately saying โ€œNot to worry, the bed had been arranged at Ganjam City Hospital, Berhampur (DCHC)โ€.

The Ganjam City hospital which is situated at Gate Bazar, Baidiya Nath Pur, Brahmapur and has Dedicated Covid Health Centre (DCHC) is where Sonu said bed has been arranged for the relative of the person.

But Today, the Collector & District Magistrate of Ganjam tweeted that there was no communication from Sonu Sood or his foundation. He also informed that the Patient who was detected Covid positive is stable and in home isolation. He also said in the tweet that there is no bed issue and Berhampur Corporation is monitoring the situation. He also tagged Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik in his tweet.

Sonu Sood Reply

Sonu Sood replied that he never claimed that he approached Collector and DM of Ganjam. he added that the needy approached him and he arranged bed for his relative. He also attached WhatsApp chat with the boy who approached him and also sent his mobile number to Ganjam Collector.

He also praised the Ganjam Collector & District Magistrate and said โ€ Your office is doing a great jobโ€. And also asked his office to double check about the fact that his foundation has also helped the patient.

Twitter uses ask a Question to Sonu Sood

A Twitter user Rishi Bagree has tweeted a combination of screenshots of the people who have approached Sonu Sood for help and Sonu also replied them back with assurance of help.

He wrote โ€ Why everyone delete their tweets and deactivate their Twitter accounts after taking help from Sonu Sood ??โ€

When we crossed check Sonu Soodโ€™s Twitter handle, we found some of the earlier tweets by users asking for has been deleted. But we are not drawing any conclusion from the matter.

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