UAE to Host Remaining Matches Of IPL, BCCI wants England Series Reschedule

There is widespread panic across the country over the coronavirus. The IPL was also halted due to the outbreak in the IPL camp.

However, the BCCI did not want to host the rest of IPL matches in India. The BCCI is considering hosting the remaining matches in the UAE.

The BCCI may soon decide on the remaining 31 matches in IPL-2021. The board convened a meeting on May 29th. It may decide to transfer the IPL to the UAE. The BCCI also sees England and Sri Lanka as options to host the remaining matches of the tournament.

Most importantly, given the current situation, it is difficult for India to host this year’s T20 Cricket World Cup. Therefore, the ICC may transfer the World Cup to the UAE on June 1 instead of India. If the World Cup takes place in the UAE, the BCCI will also transfer the IPL there. The BCCI has not left with many options. Many companies have sponsored the IPL 14. If the remaining matches of IPL are not held, the BCCI will lose about Rs 2,500 crore as revenue. Organizing the Indian Premier League is essential to avoid this loss.

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UAE to Host Remaining Matches Of IPL

Notably, the IPL-2021 started on April 9th and was scheduled to end by 30th May. But it was postponed halfway through after many players and staff were identified as Covid positive. So the BCCI suspended the IPL in the first week of May though at first, the board was reluctant to do so.

As per Veteran cricket commentator and expert Harsha Bhogle, BCCI has requested England cricket Board to reschedule the test series, and the decision is pending with ECB.

Many players were kept in isolation and were provided adequate treatment before they could leave. Many foreign players and coaches were also found positive and treated at different places before leaving for their country.

Out of a total of 60 matches, 29 matches have been played. Therefore, there are 31 matches left. It will take at least 20 days to complete all remaining matches of IPL and have a result.

Currently Delhi Capitals are on the top of the table followed by Chennai Super Kings.

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