Bhubaneswar Gets Rain for the 4th Consecutive Day

The capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar, which has been facing the wrath of constant heat, is feeling very relieved for 4 days now. Its been raining in the capital of Odisha daily since last Saturday, due to which the maximum temperature of the day has not crossed 35 or 36 degrees for the last few days, which in generally remains above 40 degrees at this time of the year.

This year, after 58 years, Bhubaneswar touched 40 degrees in the month of February, and the Odisha Capital became the hottest city in the whole country.

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Bhubaneswar sky
Black Sky on Tuesday In Bhubaneswar

Temperature in Feb, March and April instilled fear among Bhubaneswar people

Bhubaneswar became the hottest city in the country for three consecutive days in February (24th, 25th and 26th), which instilled fear among the people living in Bhubaneswar. The last time Bhubaneswar touched the 40 Degree mark in February was 23rd February 1963, when the mercury level touched 42.3 degrees.

Similarly, Bhubaneswar touched 44.2 Degrees on March 31st, breaking the 78 years record of highest temperature recorded in the month of March.

Similarly, in the month of April, Bhubaneswar even outpaced other cities considered hot cities in Odisha like Boudh, Baripada or Titlagarh. On 25th April, Bhubaneswar recorded a 43.2 degree Celsius temperature which was the highest in Odisha, even beating Titlagarh (recorded more than 42 degrees Celsius slightly), which has a reputation of being the hottest city of Odisha.

Due to the rain and cloudy weather, Bhubaneswar has not touched 40 degrees mark in the last five days which is a sigh of relief for the people who are already distraught due to the second wave of Covid and the lockdown in the state.

Till When this weather will continue

Meteorological department Bhubaneswar has predicted the rain and the cloudy sky will continue till the 13th of May,2020. The max temperature will be 39 degrees, and the lowest temperature in this period will be 24-degree Celcius in the Capital.

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